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Thriving social scene: UAE residents enjoy dining, sports, and culture

Thriving social scene: UAE residents enjoy dining, sports, and culture
28 May 2024 12:59


UAE residents, it seems, work hard and party harder. A recent survey has revealed some interesting statistics, showing that 97% of people enjoy entertainment hotspots, which include movies, shopping malls, outdoor activities, and visits to the numerous tourist areas and museums across the country.

The duke+mir study found that seven in 10 people dine out every week in a country with a thriving food scene, home to over 200 nationalities. Additionally, the poll discovered that every week 37% of UAE residents watch live sports, 24% go to the cinema, and 23% attend live performances such as concerts, gigs, or theatre events.

The UAE, widely known as a melting pot of diverse cultures, boasts a vibrant foodscape with cuisines from around the world. There are about 27,000 restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops in the UAE, with more than 100 opening each month in Dubai alone.

Despite their busy work schedules, what’s interesting is that people, particularly the youth who make up more than 40% of the Emirati population, are physically active and participate in a variety of sports.

According to duke+mir, three-quarters of people between 18 and 24 years old play a sport every week. The study also found that 81% of residents have one or more paid entertainment subscriptions, while 30% have subscriptions they rarely use and might cancel.

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