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Investopia 2024 launches Next50 initiative to create investment opportunities for UAE’s most innovative companies

Investopia 2024 launches Next50 initiative to create investment opportunities for UAE’s most innovative companies
1 Apr 2024 18:13


In the presence of the Minister of Economy and Chairman of Investopia, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, the company launched the "Next50" initiative, in collaboration with the renowned emerging markets research centre, EMIR.

The main aim of the initiative is to unlock fresh investment prospects for high-potential and rapidly expanding companies within the UAE.

Next50 offers a unique platform for 50 top CEOs and founders who have achieved remarkable success with their businesses and entrepreneurial ventures in the UAE market.

They have successfully enhanced operational processes, increased revenue streams, and created employment opportunities.

The primary objective of Next50 is to cultivate an environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge, explores potential collaborations, expands investments in new economy sectors, and facilitates local and global market growth.

Bin Touq emphasised the significance of introducing the "Next50" initiative as it exemplifies Investopia's dedication to supporting local companies and enhancing their contribution to the country's economic growth.

Notably, the initiative falls under the "Investopia Communities," aiming to foster continuous communication between investors and government officials.

Moreover, it aligns with Investopia's objectives of facilitating connections between companies and institutions and fostering cooperative partnerships between leading investors and key economic stakeholders.

"We firmly believe that the private sector plays a pivotal role in driving the growth of the national economy. Our mission at Investopia is to support these leading companies and equip them with the necessary resources for success. We aim to develop a knowledge-based and innovative economy by fostering collaboration among various economic forces. We seek to empower the local business community to compete and excel in global markets by introducing the Next50 initiative. We are confident that this initiative will serve as a strong catalyst for these companies and significantly contribute to enhancing the overall business environment in our country, in line with our local objectives and global aspirations," Bin Touq explained.

Next50 will offer more significant opportunities for engagement and collaboration with government entities and easier access to capital by interacting and aligning with crucial investment funds, banks, and family companies to facilitate potential investment transactions.

It opens up broader horizons for entry into new international markets, while enabling participation in external economic committee meetings, and empowering these companies to kick-start fresh economic ventures within emerging sectors in the country.

“Through the Next50 initiative, EMIR will help accelerate the growth of the UAE economy by supporting the Ministry and Investopia’s goals of identifying and championing the country’s fastest-growing, most innovative companies,” he said.

Managing Partner for Advisory at EMIR, Dr. Noah Raford, commented, “The UAE continues to be the destination of choice for the region’s most exciting and productive companies. Increasingly it is also the birthplace of those companies. The Next50 highlights the incredible innovation of this new generation of companies - companies born in the UAE, grown in the UAE, and powered by the UAE, ready to take their next step onto the world stage.”

Notably, EMIR is a specialised centre in research in emerging markets. It offers consultancy and research services backed by detailed analysis and strategic recommendations to help governments and companies develop optimal economic and investment policies. It facilitates this through its network of top executives and experienced government officials.

Investopia comprises three key pillars: 'Dialogues', 'Communities', and 'Marketplace'. These pillars foster dialogue and communication within business communities in the UAE and worldwide. They aim to promote the development of shared investment opportunities and guide investment efforts towards sustainable economic sectors, thus boosting economic growth in various countries.

In its third edition, Investopia 2024 held in Abu Dhabi at the end of last February, brought together a diverse group of investors, government officials, experts, and business leaders.

The event was an excellent platform for forging partnerships, exploring investment opportunities, and fostering collaboration within emerging economic sectors. With over 1,800 attendees, the summit featured more than 105 speakers who delved into various topics, including the latest trends in risk capital management and discussions on the green economy, digital economy, tourism, creative industries, sports, technology, AI, and the next generation of investments.

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