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AD Ports Group launches education centre to bridge skill gap in professionals

AD Ports Group launches education centre to bridge skill gap in professionals
26 Jan 2024 14:50


AD Ports Group has launched the Abu Dhabi Knowledge Bridge (ADKB), an education centre aimed at transforming corporate training and professional development across Abu Dhabi and the wider region, it said on Friday.

ADKB’s programmes of study are designed to address the skills gap in the professional workforce. It offers an extensive array of training syllabi that span various industries and disciplines, with modern methodologies, encompassing practical hands-on exercises, interactive workshops, multimedia content, simulations, and capstone projects.

The initiative is particularly focused on professionals in key sectors like finance and banking, accounting and audit, management reporting, project management, supply chain, human resources and leadership.

Dr. Yasser Al Wahedi, President of Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy, said: “ADKB is set to become a world-class training hub, attracting top talent and forming strong strategic partnerships to provide cutting-edge skills for career advancement. It embodies the UAE’s wise leaders’ vision to empower individuals and organisations, enhancing the nation’s knowledge economy and provide continuous learning for personal and professional growth.”

ADKB will significantly boost Emiratisation, aiming to contribute to a 10% increase in Emiratisation rates in skilled jobs by 2026. With a focus on providing practical, hands-on training, the centre is set to equip professionals with future-ready skills, essential for navigating and thriving in the rapidly evolving job market.

Offering a holistic approach to learning and development needs, ADKB beings with diagnostic assessments to identify areas for improvement and progresses to delivering transformative learning experiences. The centre also provides comprehensive training academy management solutions that include competency management, learner tracking, content development, and seamless administration.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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