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UAE tops the world in 4 job market indicators

UAE tops the world in 4 job market indicators
23 Jan 2024 08:44


The UAE has achieved top rankings in four global job market indicators - the Talent Attractiveness Index (Global Prosperity Index 2023 by the British Legatum Institute); Lack of Labour Disputes, and Low Cost of Severance Compensation for Workers (2023 World Competitiveness Yearbook by the International Institute for Management Development); and Low Cost of Severance (Global Innovation Index 2023 by the World Intellectual Property Organisation).

Additionally, the country secured second place in four indicators in 2023 World Competitiveness Yearbook: Employment Rate, Working Hours, Percentage of Expatriate Workforce, and Percentage of the Labour Force in the Population.

The UAE also achieved third place in Expatriates Global Skills Index in both 2023 World Competitiveness Yearbook and the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2023.

These successes stem from the UAE’s continuous efforts to update its legislative and legal systems, enhance infrastructure, and foster an economic environment conducive to attracting investments, talent, and intellect. Recent legislative reforms have also played a crucial role in improving the working environment and the country’s global competitiveness.

Under its wise leadership, the UAE has established itself as a global model for competitive capabilities, particularly in the job market. This has led to international recognition of the UAE government’s efficiency and the country’s adaptability to global changes.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, in alignment with the wise leadership’s directives, is committed to enhancing the job market’s attractiveness, particularly through the private sector’s role as a strategic partner in building a strong, rapidly growing, and flexible economic system.

The ministry aims to boost the private sector’s contribution to sustainable growth and the gross domestic product. Efforts are ongoing to enhance the business environment’s flexibility and attractiveness, aiming to attract and retain local and international talents and skilled workforce.

This contributes to building a robust economy, improving competitive capabilities, and promoting the UAE as an attractive market for skilled professionals, offering an ideal global living and working environment. The UAE job market is a hub for qualified competencies, skilled labour, and human capital across vital economic sectors.

It facilitates the development of highly specialised professionals in various fields. This approach aligns with job market requirements, business sustainability, and talent attraction. By attracting and retaining qualified talents globally, the UAE strengthens its position as an ideal destination for living, working, investing, and supporting sustainable economic growth.

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