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DEWA launches ‘Welcome Summer with Green Habits’ awareness campaign

DEWA launches ‘Welcome Summer with Green Habits’ awareness campaign
10 June 2024 12:23


In line with its social responsibility, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) launched its annual awareness campaign to encourage stakeholders to increase the efficiency of electricity and water consumption during summer and adopt a responsible and sustainable lifestyle that ensures the protection of the environment and precious resources.

The ‘Welcome Summer with Green Habits’ campaign, which will last until August, aims to raise awareness among society members about their electricity and water consumption and introduce them to DEWA’s innovative digital services and tools that enable them to monitor and manage their consumption proactively and digitally, as well as detect water leaks immediately.

This helps them reduce waste and adopt sustainable practices by following simple and easy daily habits.

MD & CEO of DEWA, H.E. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, commented, “We launch innovative initiatives and programmes to introduce individuals and organisations to ways to support sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint, informing them of the importance of their effective participation in sustainable development and achieving net zero. As the Year of Sustainability in the UAE has been extended to 2024, we continue to utilise the latest technologies to enable all stakeholders to effectively participate in limiting the effects of global warming and turning the challenges of climate change into opportunities that ensure a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.” 

During the campaign, DEWA organises several internal and external lectures, competitions, and interactive activities, in addition to virtual lectures to raise individuals’ awareness of DEWA’s digital services.

This enables them to increase the efficiency of their electricity and water consumption as well as motivates them to adopt simple and sustainable daily practices at work and at home.

Through DEWA’s website and smart app, customers can access the Smart Living dashboard, which enables them to monitor their consumption and obtain annual, monthly, and daily consumption reports.

The ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’ allows customers to compare their consumption with those of similar highly efficient homes in their area.

Through the ‘Away Mode’ feature, they can monitor their consumption while they are outside or travelling.

The Self-Assessment tool includes a survey for customers to assess their electricity and water consumption.

Additionally, customers can benefit from the exclusive discounts on DEWA Store on the latest smart home technologies.

Moreover, DEWA provides the ‘High Water Usage Alert’ service that helps customers detect leaks in water connections after the meter.

The system sends instant notifications to the customer if there is an unusual increase in consumption.

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