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Abu Dhabi School of Management makes fresh start with new campus and redesigned courses tackling AI

Abu Dhabi School of Management makes fresh start with new campus and redesigned courses tackling AI
15 May 2024 09:06


The Abu Dhabi School of Management declared that it was marking new start with the unveiling its brand-new campus and AI and digital technologies-focussed curriculum at a press event on Tuesday.

The management school, which was previously based out of a group of seven villas, has progressively established itself as a centre of academic excellence over the last 10 years.

Faculty staff said the new campus would accompany a new programme that would aim to be the first in the UAE to focus extensively on AI governance and management, preparing students for incoming disruption.

“I was listening to a speech given by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak the other day and he said the decision of how to balance technology and human Labour is one of the greatest challenges of this century,” Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Chairman of the ADSM Board of Trustees declared to the crowd of reporters, alumni and faculty that had gathered at the new campus.

Dr. Kamali said the courses were designed in conjunction with international partners and experts to be able to tackle these challenges and hoped the school would soon become a vital part of the educational scene in the UAE.

Speaking to Aletihad following the event, Dr. Marc Poulin, President of ADSM, said the new Bachelor of Science in Management would be highly localised and contextualised with all case studies based on regional and UAE-specific examples.

Coupled with interactive learning experiences and partnerships with leaders in technology within Abu Dhabi, he said the school would aim to produce management graduates with a global reputation.

“We have an AI Management Institute, which is more of an internal organisation right now, and not yet outward. Any initiatives that occur in AI and industry we have assigned to a board of international experts, and also the industry board, that help implement these practices across the courses,” Dr. Poulin told Aletihad.

“For example, when we look at AI and healthcare and the use of several software’s and release several publications to show that our collaboration and our international team can deliver value.”

The new campus and expanded curriculum were developed in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, which helped finance the project.

Dr. Kamali said the college would aim to reach 1,000 students in the future, building on its partnerships to add value to the local business community.

“The new college campus and the development of its programmes, along with the launch of the first-of-its-kind bachelor’s programme locally, represent a valuable addition to the college’s efforts and future aspirations, and an exceptional step to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in Abu Dhabi,” he said.

“This serves as an additional attraction factor to further enhance the efforts of the faculty members and encourage more students to join in preparing a distinguished generation of entrepreneurs capable of engaging in the job market and keeping pace with the rapid developments in the business sector.”

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