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AS Health Group showcases mental health care services at ADGHW

AS Health Group showcases mental health care services at ADGHW
15 May 2024 09:02


AS Health Group, a leading specialist healthcare services company, has entered into a strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week 2024 (ADGHW), marking a major milestone in its mission to revolutionise regional healthcare systems.

By participating in ADGHW, AS Health aims to showcase its innovative healthcare models, global expertise,and dedication to professional development, aligned with the event’s objectives to shape the future of healthcare in the region.

AS Health Group provides world-class services in integrated mental health services, social care, special education, and physical healthcare.

On the importance of the Group’s participation in ADGHW, Fatima Ward, Clinic Supervisor, noted “that we have the best healthcare services, and we are trying to get other, new ideas to improve more and more.”

Ward noted that among the group’s goals is to reinforce its commitment to patient-centered care and continuous improvement by sharing its expertise and innovative approaches, ultimately contributing to the development of a sustainable healthcare sector.

As part of its mission, AS Health Group also seeks to raise awareness about mental health and the mind-body connection, provide education about early warning signs of mental illness, and offer programmes that support recovery and resilience.

By participating in Abu Dhabi International Healthcare Week, AS Health Group confirms its commitment to these goals and its vision of providing integrated, high-quality mental and physical healthcare services available to all.

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