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AIM Congress 2024 showcases groundbreaking sessions on startup and Unicorn tracks

AIM Congress 2024 showcases groundbreaking sessions on startup and Unicorn tracks
8 May 2024 18:55


The 2024 AIM Congress witnessed an extraordinary lineup of sessions under the Startup and Unicorns Track, providing invaluable insights and fostering innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The three-day event in ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, the event brought together visionary leaders, industry experts, and budding entrepreneurs to explore cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends, and strategies for sustainable growth.

Under the Startup and Unicorn Track, the conference featured dynamic panel discussions and thought-provoking presentations aimed at charting the course for startups and unicorns in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

The Leaders’ Panel delved into the transformative potential of Industry 4.0, exploring emerging technology trends and their implications for startups. Experts discussed the role of AI in waste management, the significance of data-driven solutions, and the collaborative efforts driving innovation in the UAE.

"UAE has been good at partnering with international companies to help nurture the local companies," said Maher Al Kaabi, Advisor to Alserkal Group Chairman- Independent Board Member.

The panel shed light on the burgeoning startup landscape in Africa, highlighting the untapped potential and investment opportunities across the continent. Speakers underscored the importance of cross-border collaborations, the rise of digital solutions, and the need for strategic investments to drive inclusive growth.

"Africa is like China 20 years ago. You see where China is now, so Africa is moving there,” said Nael Hailemariam, CEO/Cofounder – Chapa.

Empowering women entrepreneurs, this panel celebrated the achievements of female leaders in the startup ecosystem. From navigating gender biases to fostering work-life balance, the discussions resonated with inspiring anecdotes and actionable insights, encouraging women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

"You can be a victim 10 times a day or you can be a hero 10 times a day," said Basma Abdallah Uraiqat, Co-Founder and COO - Konn Technologies.

Addressing the critical aspects of talent acquisition and ecosystem development, the panel emphasised the significance of diversity, inclusivity, and fostering a culture of innovation. Experts shared strategies for effective hiring, talent retention, and building collaborative ecosystems conducive to sustainable growth.

The AIM Congress 2024 served as a catalyst for fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and shaping the future of entrepreneurship. As startups and unicorns continue to redefine industries and create transformative solutions, the AIM Congress remains at the forefront of championing their success.

"Employees want to feel valued. You should not call your employees resources, they are assets," said Hammad Khan, Founder 

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