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Abu Dhabi digital exchange platform sees surge in investors and listings

Abu Dhabi digital exchange platform sees surge in investors and listings
8 May 2024 08:18


The number of investors registered on the digital exchange platform established by the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has surged to 3.8 million. The platform also boasts 200 listed companies from the various member countries, according to Abdulla Salem Al Nuaimi, CEO of ADX.

In press statements delivered on the sidelines of the 13th session of the AIM Investment Summit, Al Nuaimi revealed discussions are in the final stages for two new countries to join the platform. This follows the successful integration of five financial markets: ADX, the Bahrain Stock Exchange, the Muscat Stock Exchange, the Astana International Exchange in Kazakhstan, and the Tashkent Stock Exchange in Uzbekistan.

Memoranda of understanding were signed with these markets to cooperate on key initiatives and develop the global securities market through shared expertise.

Al Nuaimi expects the digital exchange platform to improve liquidity and increase trading activity in the ADX. By simplifying trading mechanisms and offering access to securities from member exchanges, the platform provides remote access to brokerage firms affiliated with these markets. This, in turn, enhances investment opportunities for regional and global investors.

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