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Investopia 2024 emphasises importance of driving new economy projects in AI, fintech, healthcare, environment

Investopia 2024 emphasises importance of driving new economy projects in AI, fintech, healthcare, environment
28 Apr 2024 16:20


Investopia 2024 organised an all-encompassing strategic discussion, bringing together more than 105 speakers, including ministers, policymakers, leading investors, economic experts, and entrepreneurs from different regions of the world.

The objective was to outline a distinct roadmap for promoting sustainable economic growth for countries and communities alike. It also aimed to contribute to driving development in the face of global economic challenges by engaging in meaningful discussions on major economic topics at both regional and global scales.

The speakers emphasised the importance of increasing investments in emerging and sustainable economic sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, infrastructure, clean energy, circular economy, health, creative industries, sports, tourism, aviation, and entertainment. These sectors are in line with current global investment and financing trends, as they represent the future of the economy and contribute to the transition to more adaptable and competitive economic models.

AI’s crucial role in expediting investments and effectively addressing economic challenges

According to the experts who participated, the utilisation of AI applications and solutions has become indispensable for expediting investments in different economic sectors. They further noted that AI could assist in making informed decisions regarding investments in funds and investment institutions.

Additionally, AI can play a significant role in overcoming the challenges that impede economic development, particularly in emerging markets. It can also facilitate the development of projects related to digital infrastructure.

The speakers highlighted that the emergence of Generative AI is poised to revolutionise the fields of information and data analysis and risk assessment in the near future. This transformation will have a profound impact on global investment directions and strategies.

The experts also emphasised that the UAE is an exceptional and attractive destination for investment in areas, including AI, advanced technologies, and data centres. This is primarily due to its well-established legislative framework and nurturing strategies for artificial intelligence projects. Furthermore, the UAE boasts a robust digital infrastructure and possesses numerous resources such as energy and electricity that bolster the development of these crucial sectors.

Fintech, a promising sector for attracting investment

Investopia 2024 emphasised that Fintech is a highly promising and rapidly developing sector within the investment landscape. Fintech encompasses a wide range of fields such as payment services, transfers, microfinance, insurance, regulation, cybersecurity, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

The speakers underlined the convenience and flexibility of investing in Fintech compared to other economic activities. They also acknowledged the considerable growth in investment opportunities within this crucial sector, as well as the expanding base of investors interested in funding various fintech-related activities and fields, particularly digital assets.

Role of sustainability, financial stability and technology in sports industry

During the latest Investopia sessions, experts noted that the success of investment in the sports industry depends on a holistic approach based on sustainability and financial stability.

Technology and community responsibility will play a prominent role in shaping the future of sports investment at the global level, enhancing audiences' experiences while attending matches and expanding their access to sports.

They also reported that emerging markets have promising investment opportunities in many sports activities, with the potential to be leveraged optimally. Sports projects based on collaboration between the government and private sectors are a major catalyst for promoting growth and innovation in the ever-evolving global sports landscape.

Discussions during the Investopia sessions noted that the realities of women's sports are gradually changing, and working to increase their diversity will create more investment opportunities, which will support the value of sports activities and sectors at the global level. Investors and entrepreneurs must therefore view sports through broader perspectives and comprehensively, especially in light of promising investment prospects for women's sport.

UAE's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the aviation sector

Speakers highlighted the importance of continuously developing investment strategies for the future of the aviation and tourism industry, the transformative potential of electric helicopters and the reliance on sustainable fuels. The speakers reviewed the UAE's pioneering experience in the commitment to sustainability and innovation in the aviation sector and its role in promoting the growth and sustainability of the UAE economy, as well as the country's desire to expand the field of electric take-off and vertical landing aircraft (eVTOL), thus enhancing its position as a leading global centre for the aviation sector.

Prompt Action to Address Climate Change

Participating experts stressed the need for urgent action on climate change and addressing environmental challenges in an effective and integrated manner, and for action to provide catalysts to encourage investment in environmental sustainability. The need to develop new strategies which are adaptable to geopolitical variables and other factors that pose a challenge to global economic resilience was also highlighted.

Investing in people and talent

Investopia sessions drew attention to the importance of increasing investments from governments and the private sector in the human component and talent as one of the most important strategic elements in economic and social development. This is necessary to meet the future needs of societies and enable talents and brilliant minds to innovate and develop advanced digital applications that contribute to providing solutions to support economic growth.

Embracing innovation to meet global economic challenges

Speakers noted that creating an enabling environment to promote innovation and build entrepreneurial enterprises based on creativity and excellence is critical to meeting global economic challenges. The government sector’s focus on reducing carbon emissions and driving digital transformation would support the competitiveness of that environment and enhance economic stability.

They also emphasised the UAE's pivotal role in promoting artificial intelligence innovation and developing new industries that support the future of sustainable economic development and a rapid transition towards the digital age. The proactive approach adopted by the UAE to shift from carbon-intensive industries to sustainable initiatives such as the significant expansion of clean energy was also highlighted. Speakers pointed out the UAE as a model for building a future economy based on innovation, knowledge and sustainability.

Flexible fiscal policies enhance resilience to shocks and reduce risks

Investopia sessions noted that governments' desire to adopt competitive economic legislation, flexible fiscal policies and tax facilities is key to overcoming the uncertainty of the global economic landscape, containing shocks and reducing risks for emerging economies.

In addition, the speakers pointed out that developing countries face many current challenges, including high inflation rates and failure to effectively meet their citizens' needs. This calls for the expansion of social protection strategies and sustainable economic policies that take into account the social dimension and reduce the debt burden faced by emerging economies. 

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