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ADNEC Group partners with Terrax to develop 100% recycled flooring

ADNEC Group partners with Terrax to develop 100% recycled flooring
16 Apr 2024 22:36


ADNEC Group has partnered with Terrax Environmental Limited at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) to develop TerraTile, a 100% recycled modular flooring system for events.

Made from 100% waste and 100% recyclable, TerraTiles are a fully sustainable circular product.

Each TerraTile is equivalent to over five kilogrammes of recycled waste and represents a breakthrough in event sustainability, offering a practical and sustainable alternative to conventional flooring solutions.

Crafted at Terrax's facility in Abu Dhabi, TerraTiles provides a durable and improved flooring design that actively contributes to environmental conservation.

Additionally, when TerraTiles reach the end of their life cycle, they can be recycled to produce new ones.

The versatile TerraTile product, designed and manufactured in the UAE, was showcased at ADNEC Group's stand at the WFES, illustrating its potential to support sustainability in the events industry.

ADNEC Group will begin to implement TerraTiles at all their organised events at ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi, with Trident Trackway providing the option for exhibitors to rent on an ongoing basis, contributing to the Group's pledge of making its events net zero.

At the signing of the contract, Humaid Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of ADNEC Group, said: "TerraTile is a revolutionary product that underscores ADNEC Group's commitment to sustainability in the events industry. By prioritising sustainability in our events, we not only reduce our ecological footprint but also inspire others to join us in building a greener future for the industry. This innovative product reinforces our ongoing efforts to make events more sustainable while delivering exceptional experiences for our clients and attendees."

Theresa Wernery, General Manager at Terrax, said: "Terrax is delighted to have partnered with ADNEC Group on this groundbreaking circular product. Through this collaboration, single use exhibition carpet, along with other ordinarily non-recycleable waste, will be transformed into durable raised exhibition flooring. TerraTile will also significantly reduce the use of plywood at ADNEC Group and enable more efficient and less wasteful stand building."

The project is supported by a Dh100 million R&D fund launched in 2022 by ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding company.

The fund forms part of ADQ Growth Lab, a community of innovators across ADQ's portfolio that realises the company's commitment to accelerating innovation and R&D with a focus on unlocking growth opportunities and driving value creation and sustainability across priority sectors of the UAE's economy.

Through initiatives such as this, ADNEC Group is actively contributing to the global effort to achieve net-zero emissions, showcasing a firm commitment to sustainability.

As part of its environmental responsibility efforts, ADNEC Group has committed to making its events net-zero carbon, aligning with its proactive approach to addressing climate change.

This initiative not only underscores its dedication to sustainability but also represents a proactive step towards mitigating its carbon footprint and fostering a greener future.

Terrax is an Abu Dhabi based company that transforms waste into sustainable products for construction, events, FMCG, and logistics.

Made from 100% waste and 100% recyclable – Terrax is a fully sustainable circular product.

Terrax utilises unwashed and unsegregated waste such as multi-layer packaging, low grade plastics, and natural or man-made fibres.

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