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CBUAE balance sheet rises to touch Dh734.61 billion by end of January 2024

CBUAE balance sheet rises to touch Dh734.61 billion by end of January 2024
2 Apr 2024 15:55


The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) saw its balance sheet soar to touch Dh734.61 billion at the end of January 2024, marking a significant surge in its financial strength.

This impressive growth was unveiled in the bank's most recent balance sheet report.

A robust increase in the CBUAE's balance sheet was highlighted in the report, reaching a total of Dh734.61 billion by January 2024.

Compared to Dh559.88 billion in January 2023, this translates to a substantial growth of Dh174.73 billion.

CBUAE's balance sheet increased on a monthly basis to about Dh720.94 billion in December 2023.

According to the statistics, the Central Bank's balance sheet was distributed on the asset side as follows: Dh331.41 billion for cash and bank balances in January 2024, in addition to investments of about Dh213.17 billion, Dh161.51 billion for deposits, Dh1.93 billion for loans and advances, and Dh26.59 billion for other assets.

The other side of the equation, liabilities and capital were as follows: Dh325.1 billion for current accounts and deposit accounts, about Dh240.9 billion for cash bonds and Islamic deposit certificates, Dh135.23 billion for issued banknotes and coins, Dh18.31 billion for capital and reserves, and Dh18.31 billion for other liabilities.

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