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Dubai Police honour rideshare driver for returning valuable lost item

Dubai Police honour rideshare driver for returning valuable lost item
3 July 2024 08:39


The Dubai Police, represented by the General Department of Criminal Investigation, has honoured Mr. Sultan Iskandar Mohammed, an Uber driver, for handing over a valuable item to the Tourist Police Department.

Brigadier Hareb Mohammed Al Shamsi, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations, said the honourary recognition of the driver was a commendation of his honesty and embodiment of the noble values valued by the community. He noted that the Dubai Police is committed to honouring members of the public for their trustworthiness and dedication to returning found items, which helps reunite the recovered property with its rightful owners and projects a positive image of security and safety in the UAE.

Brig. Al Shamsi urged community members to view the young driver as a role model of honesty and trustworthiness. He highlighted the availability of the smart “Lost and Found” service at smart police stations (SPS) on beaches, encouraging the public to use this service to return any found items.

Meanwhile, Sultan Mohammed thanked the Dubai Police for the honour, stating that the recognition filled him with pride and joy. He said that it inspires everyone to value honesty and return lost belongings to their owners.

The ceremony was attended by Lt. Col. Mohammed Abdulrahman, Acting Deputy Director of the Tourism Police Department, and Captain Shehab Al Saadi, Head of the Tourist Happiness Section.

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