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Sustainable Buildings & RetrofitTech Abu Dhabi Summit convenes with focus on ‘Greening the Built Environment’

Sustainable Buildings & RetrofitTech Abu Dhabi Summit convenes with focus on ‘Greening the Built Environment’
30 May 2024 08:52


The fourth edition of the Sustainable Buildings & RetrofitTech Abu Dhabi Summit took place on May 28-29, with over 350 high-level decision makers from the energy efficiency, sustainability and retrofitting sectors in attendance for the two-day event.

The Summit, which is hosted by Abu Dhabi Department of Energy and Abu Dhabi Energy Services (ADES), a subsidiary of TAQA Group, took place under the theme “Greening the Built Environment”.

Proceedings opened with an opening keynote on Abu Dhabi’s Environment Vision 2030 by Eng. Ahmed Al Falasi, Acting Executive Director – Energy Efficiency, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), touching on the importance of Abu Dhabi’s Demand Side Management and Energy Rationalisation Strategy 2030, which targets a 22% reduction in electricity consumption and a 32% reduction in water consumption by 2030. 

Eng. Al Falasi highlighted that since the previous edition of the Summit, Abu Dhabi DoE has entered into a partnership with ADES to retrofit 39 government buildings, a collaboration which aims to save 35GWh of electricity by early 2025.

This includes a unified agreement framework setting out the roles and responsibilities of the government and ADES.
This was followed by a presentation on accelerating building retrofit initiatives in Abu Dhabi and beyond, by Moutaz Bakri Abdalla, Head of Project Development at ADES, which looked at the retrofit programme ADES has developed for government buildings in Abu Dhabi, as well as its approach to collaboration with stakeholders.

Abdalla commented: “The building retrofit programme for government entities will focus on the development and implementation of energy conservation measures including creation of critical assets and infrastructure in government facilities, including ongoing support for measuring and reporting savings. In this way we will help entities meet their short- and long-term goals and prepare buildings for future energy challenges.”

Later, Summit participants heard insights from ENOVA on incorporating AI-powered digital solutions to enhance energy efficiency, Ramboll on developing sustainability-centred retrofitting strategies, and the Department of Education and Knowledge on evaluating the impact of HVAC systems for improved building operations, as well as a panel session on evaluating the most energy intensive components of buildings.

The focus for the second day was a workshop on retrofit in government, which provided a deep dive into government requirements and mandate in building retrofit, the built environment within Abu Dhabi’s demand-side management strategy, behavioural change and awareness in the building retrofit programme.

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