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TRENDS wraps up research expedition in Canada, introduces global edition of "Brotherhood Influence" index

TRENDS wraps up research expedition in Canada, introduces global edition of "Brotherhood Influence" index
20 May 2024 15:06

Abu Dhabi (ALETIHAD)

TRENDS Research & Advisory has concluded its research and scientific expedition in Canada by introducing the global edition of the "Muslim Brotherhood Global Influence 2022-2023" index.

This indicator, the first of its kind worldwide, gauges the strength and impact of the Muslim Brotherhood across various domains.

The international unveiling of this index occurred during a global symposium organized by TRENDS, concurrently with its active involvement in the 91st Congress of the French-Speaking Association for Knowledge, held at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Canada Research Expedition

During their research expedition in Canada, TRENDS' researchers visited the Canadian Parliament's headquarters to exchange insights on the Center’s research endeavors and engage in discussions spanning various regional and international issues.

The visit also sparked dialogues on collaborative research initiatives, studies, and joint publications with the Council.

Additionally, talks with organisations such as the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the Center for the Prevention of Radicalisation Leading to Violence (CPRLV), the International Studies and Research Center, and the Institute of Religious Studies (IER) at the University of Montreal focused on coordinating joint conferences, seminars, and discussion sessions.

"Trending Echoes" Podcast

To further enrich global scientific and intellectual discourse, the "Trending Echoes" podcast recorded several episodes featuring renowned academics, experts, and specialists deliberating on the future of prevalent regional and international issues.

In a related development, Dr. Wael Saleh, an expert in the Political Islam Department at TRENDS, spearheaded a symposium introducing the international version of the "Muslim Brotherhood Global Influence" index.

Emphasising the index's aim to establish scientifically measurable indicators of the Muslim Brotherhood's international influence across political, economic, media, societal, and organizational dimensions, Dr. Saleh underscored its significance in assessing the Group's regional and global standing.

During the symposium, Hamad Al Hosani, a researcher in the Political Islam Department at TRENDS, noted that the Muslim Brotherhood's international influence peaked during the "Arab Spring" but has gradually declined since 2012, evident in decreases across political, economic, societal, and media spheres.

Professor Patrice Brodeur, an assistant professor at the University of Montreal, presented data illustrating a decline in the Group's political and security influence index from 64% to 48%, economic influence index from 89.2% to 60.4%, media influence index from 70.3% to 46.6%, and community influence index from 77.5% to 61.8% between 2021 and 2023.

Dr. Amani Fouad, Former Cultural Advisor to the Egyptian Embassy in Canada, commended the "Muslim Brotherhood Global Influence" index as a pioneering analytical tool. She highlighted its unique focus on quantitative analysis rather than qualitative assessments, making it an invaluable resource for understanding the Group's power dynamics. 

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