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Bahrain summit: A new phase of joint action

Bahrain summit: A new phase of joint action
15 May 2024 09:40


Experts and political analysts deem the 33rd Arab Summit, held in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as crucial for addressing the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip and its humanitarian aftermath.

They underscored the importance of a unified Arab stance on Palestine at this critical juncture for both the region and the Palestinian cause.

The summit in Bahrain covers several pressing issues, including the Gaza conflict, humanitarian aid, reconstruction, the formation of an independent Palestinian state, and peace establishment in the Middle East, highlighting the event as a moment to reinforce Arab solidarity.

The timing and location make this summit particularly significant, marking a new era of collaborative Arab efforts.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, recognised for its Arab identity and dedication to the nation's key causes, is seen as well-suited to advance these efforts.

Dr. Mohammed Meshaal, a political science professor at the University of Jordan, asserted that any Arab meeting at this level is beneficial and impactful, allowing for practical and strategic decisions that meet the magnitude of the challenges faced, particularly the tragic war in Gaza.

Hosting this summit for the first time, Manama plays a crucial role at a historic crossroads, focusing on relations with nations backing Gaza's aggressors and enhancing the Arab role at the United Nations towards a recognised Palestinian state, as well as immediate reconstruction efforts in Gaza, Meshaal explained to Aletihad.

Dr. Tarek Fahmy, head of the Israeli Studies Unit at the National Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, echoed the significance of the summit›s timing and location.

With Bahrain being a pivotal player in the Palestinian cause, the summit is positioned to make critical decisions for the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian territories, to halt the conflict, provide aid, and initiate reconstruction efforts.

Fahmy described the summit as a historic turning point that will likely influence Arab-American relations and regional alliances, emphasising its role in supporting the political and humanitarian landscape and stabilising the region.

Dr. Amer Al-Sabaileh, a Jordanian political analyst, highlighted the summit’s importance amid challenging times marked by the Israeli war on Gaza.

He anticipates that the summit will bolster Arab unity and diplomatic efforts, leading to a cohesive stance internationally.

Al-Sabaileh noted the necessity of addressing post-conflict strategies for Gaza and forging a unified Arab perspective.

Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Wazzan, an Iraqi political analyst, stressed that the summit must take decisive actions to cease the Gaza conflict, extending its focus to positions on Israel and the United States.

He emphasised the summit's role in translating international support into practical outcomes for the two-state solution, addressing the urgent need for cessation of hostilities and humanitarian assistance.

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