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Facilities to host first Gulf Youth Games 100% ready

Facilities to host first Gulf Youth Games 100% ready
10 Apr 2024 15:51

Abu Dhabi (Aletihad)


The Organising Committee of the first Gulf Youth Games (GYG) has announced that all sports facilities in the five host Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah – are fully prepared for the event in coordination with the National Olympic Committee, the General Sports Authority, and sports councils.

The inaugural GYG or “UAE 2024” will take place from April 16 to May 2 and feature 3,500 male and female athletes from across the GCC competing in 25 individual and team sports under the theme “Our Gulf is One... Our Youth is Promising”.

Abu Dhabi will host football, swimming, judo, track cycling, sailing, jiu-jitsu, golf and boxing competitions. Dubai will be the home for competitions in table tennis, athletics, volleyball, e-sports, and athletics for people of determination.


In Sharjah, competitions will take place for 3X3 basketball, handball, karate, chess, archery, equestrian events such as show jumping and dressage, and track cycling. Fujairah is the hosting Emirate for taekwondo, fencing, and badminton competitions, while triathletes will compete in Ajman.

Nabil Ashour, Chairman of the Technical Committee, emphasised the dedication to fulfilling the needs of all GCC teams, including training venues, equipment, and amenities. Ashour confirmed that 99% of the facilities have received approval, with only final steps remaining for full approval.

“All facilities are 100% ready to host various sporting events, but there are some facilities and stadiums that require additional special equipment for sports such as equestrian, archery and chess. These venues will undergo thorough assessments to ensure they are fully equipped and prepared for training sessions,” Ashour said.

Furthermore, Ashour disclosed that the allocation of games across different regions of the country was determined through collaboration between the relevant federations and the organising committee of the tournament. As an example, it was decided to host the jiu-jitsu events in Abu Dhabi, given its significance as the capital of this sport.

In Dubai, the spotlight will shine on padel competitions, while Sharjah will host the handball tournaments, reflecting the popularity of these sports in these Emirates.

“To ensure seamless communication and coordination with government agencies, representatives from each Emirate have been designated. Their role is to facilitate the provision of all necessary arrangements to ensure the comfort of all participating teams,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the national judo contingent for the Games is heading off after Eid to attend a training camp in Kairouan, Tunisia, from Friday until April 22 just before their events start back home in the UAE.

Mohammed bin Thaaloob Al Deri, President of the UAE Judo Federation, approved the participation of 16 male and female juniors followed their selection from the third Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi tournament which was organised by the Fujairah Martial Arts Club during the holy month of Ramadan. The preparations were also aimed with the purpose to equip the team for international competitions ahead in the Arab and Asian regions.

The UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation has also unveiled the roster of their players. The technical staff has selected 12 male and female players to compete in the “Optimist” boat categories, specifically those born in 2010, as well as in the “Alka 4” and “Alka 6” categories.

  • Abu Dhabi will host a few sports, including golf and sailing
    Abu Dhabi will host a few sports, including golf and sailing


These categories will feature 12 races, with a total of 48 male and female athletes between the ages of 11 and 18, showcasing their skills in the April 16-22 schedule part of GYG. The list, which was chosen in light of the participation of national clubs and academy teams in the national series (Emirates Sailing Champion 2024)

The Federation commended recent achievements by the Emirati sailors, including the highlight of topping the 16th Arab Championship in Kuwait.

Zuhair Labbat, the technical director of the Federation, elaborated on the selection criteria for the team players over two rounds. The process considered results from the first round held in Dubai, along with that of the second round hosted by the Al Hamriyah Cultural and Sports Club.

The Federation has expressed its readiness to host the modern sailing competitions scheduled for the upcoming tournament. They extend their best wishes for success and prosperity to the sports ambassadors representing the Emirates in the national team, aiming to maintain their shining presence and accomplishments across various platforms.

Regarding the team’s preparation for upcoming competitions, Labbat noted the diligent efforts of the technical staff in monitoring the clubs’ activities, including training and participation. There will be a brief training camp ahead of the schedule.

The Federation also expressed its readiness to host the modern sailing competitions, while extending best wishes for the success of its sports ambassadors in representing the national team.

  • The events in the field of athletics and for people of determination will be held in Dubai
    The events in the field of athletics and for people of determination will be held in Dubai


Dr. Saeed Musabah Al Kaabi, President of the UAE Archery Federation, has announced the selection of 28 male and female players across various age categories in both compound bow and recurve competitions.

Dr. Al Kaabi hopes the contingent will make a significant impact at the tournament in Sharjah. He said the national team members have undergone tough preparations recently within their respective clubs to gear up for the rigorous competitions. Following the Eid holiday, they will convene for an internal camp.

“Including archery in the tournament’s list of games contributes to expanding its reach and increasing participation across GCC,” he said.

He noted that GCC countries, alongside Egypt, Iraq, and Tunisia, are among the Arab nations most dedicated to the sport. Al Kaabi expressed optimism for the sport’s future, citing the growing demand for the sport across all emirates. He attributed this success to the correct initial steps taken, leading to the current positive outcomes.

Major General Abdullah Al Hashemi, Vice President of the Emirates Golf Federation, emphasised the commitment of the team under the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Federation, and the Board of Directors to ensure that all hosting requirements are met. Their preparations commenced in January.

In addition to a comprehensive training programme, male and female national team players have actively participated in various local tournaments, as well as Gulf and Arab tournaments.

The golf competitions are scheduled to take place from April 25 to 28 at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club for youth under 18 years old. Al Hashemi outlined that the youth team comprises four players, with an equal number in the women’s team.

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