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‘Stitching Hope for Gaza’: New Kalimat Foundation merchandise campaign offers glimmer of hope to children of Gaza

‘Stitching Hope for Gaza’: New Kalimat Foundation merchandise campaign offers glimmer of hope to children of Gaza
1 Apr 2024 22:14


In a powerful demonstration of art, culture and philanthropy, the Kalimat Foundation (KF) has launched a new initiative titled ‘Stitching Hope for Gaza’.

The initiative introduces a merchandise collection inspired by the traditional Palestinian Keffiyeh and Tatreez, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting children in Gaza through the Emirates Red Crescent’s ‘Tarahum — For Gaza’ relief campaign, providing much needed aid to those impacted by the current war being waged against the Palestinian people.

The launch took place during the Sharjah Ramadan Majlis 2024, held at the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), where KF showcased the new merchandise line that features motifs and designs reflecting the Palestinian cultural identity, folklore and heritage.

The unique collection will be made available to the public through the foundation's official website, , as well as various retail outlets across the UAE. Throughout the year, the foundation is also set to host a series of social events to illuminate Palestinian culture.

Commenting on the initiative, Kalimat Foundation Founder Bodour Al Qasimi said. ‘I created Kalimat Foundation to help vulnerable, disadvantaged children whose lives are thrown into chaos by conflicts such as this devastating war in Gaza, which is trampling on the future chances of a generation of innocent young Palestinians. Emiratis feel deep sympathy for their plight and are determined to support in any way they can, which is why I know they’ll respond well to ‘Stitching Hope for Gaza’, because it’s an opportunity to do something concrete to get desperately needed aid into the Gaza Strip.’

Amna Al Mazmi, Director of the Kalimat Foundation, said ‘Stitching Hope for Gaza’ seeks to make sustainable positive change and enhance unity and understanding between nations.

She added: “This project offers a real-life example and model of leveraging culture and art to support humanitarian and just initiatives, aligning with Sharjah’s cultural ethos, which recognises the true potential of culture to foster communication, raise awareness, and drive positive transformation beyond borders.”

The merchandise collection features a diverse range of items such as embroidered T-shirts, tote bags, fabric and leather pouches, as well as scarves adorned with intricate designs that capture the essence and beauty of Palestinian Keffiyeh and Tatreez craftsmanship. The range also includes stationery items such as notebooks, stickers, pen holders, and enamel pins, all symbolising the resilience and identity of the Palestinian people.

These products aim to embody a deep sense of connection to the land and a proud history of a community striving for peace and justice.

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