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TRENDS study spotlights Arabic computational linguistics

TRENDS study spotlights Arabic computational linguistics
5 July 2024 12:52


TRENDS Research and Advisory released a new study titled “Arabic Computational Linguistics: Beginnings, Applications and Challenges”. The study, which was prepared by researchers Noura Al-Habsi and Rana Al-Dakkak, provides a comprehensive overview of this promising field, traces its development since its inception, highlights its various applications, discusses the challenges facing it, and provides an in-depth analysis of the importance of Arabic computational linguistics and its role in enhancing the digital presence of Arabic.

The study suggests that Arabic computational linguistics is an essential tool for developing Arabic applications that serve various spheres of life, facilitate the lives of Arabic speakers, enhance teaching and learning, and provide multiple services in medicine, law, legal fatwas, etc. 

The paper also highlights the revolutionary applications of Arabic computational linguistics, such as machine translation, automated text understanding, text generation, voice recognition, and other means used to implement these applications. It also highlights notable contributions of Arab countries, especially the United Arab Emirates, to this field.

The study devotes a separate section to discussing the challenges facing the development of Arabic computational linguistics, such as the lack of Arabic computerised data, the shortage of Arab professionals in this field, and the lack of control in Arabic.

The study concludes with recommendations to overcome these challenges, such as increasing investment in research, developing Arab resources, and qualifying Arab professionals to work in this field.

The study is a valuable contribution to Arabic computational linguistics, as it provides a roadmap for developing this field and enhancing its presence in the digital age. 

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