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‘971 from the Community Pavilion’ showcases projects of 30 Emirati families

‘971 from the Community Pavilion’ showcases projects of 30 Emirati families
24 Jan 2024 08:57


Under the theme “From the Community”, the Ministry of Community Development hosts home projects at the Global Village’s “971 from the Community Pavilion”.

Thirty Emirati families are taking part in the event, showcasing products that reflect the UAE’s national identity and the ministry’s commitment to empowering Emirati home project owners. The “971 from the community Pavilion” serves as an interactive point to showcase and support aspiring local projects and sustainable initiatives aimed at enhancing the economic viability of Emirati ventures.

The ministry encourages project owners to register in the 971 project through its website, and benefit from the services, programmes, and exhibitions provided by the ministry.

The pavilion also witnesses the participation of the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, showcasing diverse products made by individuals of determination. Additionally, the Ghars Foundation, affiliated with the Fujairah Charitable Society, is showcasing various home projects and products.

The ministry ensured that this year’s participants represent various segments of society, including youth, senior citizens and people of determination. Through the pavilion, the ministry aims to introduce visitors to projects developed by different segments and age groups in society, enhancing its vision of achieving sustainable development.

Furthermore, the ministry seeks to attract new projects and create sustainable opportunities to promote local products, showcasing them in exhibitions and events held domestically and internationally.

The participation of Emirati projects in the “971” pavilion is part of a project adopted by the ministry, supported by the management of the Global Village as part of its social responsibility.

The initiative reflects the ministry’s commitment to investing in community development by supporting and developing home projects, with the aim of achieving economic development and social welfare. The participation of local projects will stimulate competition, encourage aspiring young entrepreneurs and offer a vital platform to invest in business ideas that are viable and successful.

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