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Abu Dhabi’s rich biodiversity, natural beauty presented in new light

Abu Dhabi’s rich biodiversity, natural beauty presented in new light
9 July 2024 08:34


In a bid to redefine perceptions of Abu Dhabi’s environment beyond its desert landscapes, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) is leading the Abu Dhabi Nature campaign to promote the Emirate’s rich biodiversity and natural beauty.

Speaking with Aletihad, Acting Director of the Corporate Communications Office at EAD, Ebtesam Al Harthi noted that the campaign aims to dispel misconceptions and foster an appreciation for Abu Dhabi’s natural treasures.

“The objective is to raise awareness among the general public regarding Abu Dhabi’s environment and help build a society that appreciates the richness of the emirate’s biodiversity and the need to protect it. We also want to raise public consciousness about environmental protection and foster a conscientious community that participates and contributes to these goals,” she said.

The Abu Dhabi Nature campaign unfolds through a series of captivating digital content, including photographs, videos, and informative articles, distributed across various media platforms. These resources showcase Abu Dhabi’s diverse ecosystems-from expansive marine reserves to sprawling terrestrial habitats-highlighting the efforts of EAD teams in preserving these ecological wonders.

Central to the campaign is its myth-busting component, which challenges stereotypes about Abu Dhabi’s environment, Al Harthi noted. By spotlighting several species beyond camels and falcons, the campaign is set to broaden public perception and inspire a sense of wonder about the emirate’s rich natural heritage.

“With the tagline “This is Abu Dhabi Nature - Hear it. See it. Feel it.”, the campaign also seeks to affect behavioural change, motivate the community to take environmental action and encourage them to interact with EAD’s mobile applications, while generating more visitor interest in Abu Dhabi’s natural destinations”.

The campaign focuses on monthly themes that present different facets of Abu Dhabi’s biodiversity. From celebrating all Abu Dhabi species in June to spotlighting marine species in July, each month offers a deeper dive into the emirate’s natural splendor.

Through these initiatives, EAD envisions a future where every resident and visitor is not only aware of Abu Dhabi’s ecological diversity but also actively participates in its preservation. As the campaign progresses, it aims to create a legacy of environmental stewardship, particularly among the youth who will carry forward the UAE’s commitment to sustainability.

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