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Tadweer Group launches four new subsidiaries to transform waste management

Tadweer Group launches four new subsidiaries to transform waste management
3 July 2024 19:12


Tadweer Group has announced the creation of four new subsidiaries: Tadweer Environmental Services and Solutions, Tajmee’e, UpCycle, and Tahweel. These subsidiaries are set to drive innovation in waste management and recycling, reflecting Tadweer Group's commitment to transforming waste into valuable resources. This strategic move aims to support decarbonisation, promote a circular economy, and utilise cutting-edge technologies to harness un-utilised resources.

Tadweer Environmental Services and Solutions will focus on public waste collection activities, including contract tendering and performance management through utilising digital solutions.

Tajmee’e contributions to the portfolio will consist of pioneering pre-collection and collection activities, as well as excellence in customer service.

UpCycle will bring innovation and expertise to Tadweer Group, focusing on integrating advanced technology with waste treatment and recycling centres. This will support operations related to the recently announced greenfield Material Recovery Facility. 

Tahweel’s capabilities will bring accelerated waste conversion technology and investment into Tadweer Group’s portfolio, helping to advance the upcoming waste-to-energy plant, and the organisation’s waste-to-value projects.

Ali Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tadweer Group, said, “I am pleased to announce the establishment of our four new subsidiaries. This marks a significant step forward in our steadfast commitment to revolutionising waste management in Abu Dhabi and beyond. Through investments in world-class expertise and innovative technologies, we are poised to transform waste into valuable resources, thereby contributing to a sustainable future and a thriving circular economy.”

Each subsidiary will play a pivotal role in Tadweer Group’s strategy by promoting the use of established and emerging technologies, as well as enhancing value creation, supporting the organisation's progress towards its ambition of diverting 80 percent of waste from landfills by 2030.

The inclusion of subsidiaries follows the organisation’s first acquisition of e-waste innovator Enviroserve, the only integrated e-waste processing hub in the Middle East, Africa and Caucasus region. Tadweer Group also recently announced the progress on Abu Dhabi’s first-ever dedicated facility for recovering and capturing valuable recyclable materials from waste.

Source: WAM
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