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TRENDS releases new study 'New regional cooperation: Türkiye and the GCC'

TRENDS releases new study 'New regional cooperation: Türkiye and the GCC'
3 July 2024 10:33

Abu Dhabi (ALETIHAD)
TRENDS Research and Advisory released a new study under the title “A New Regionalism: Türkiye and the Gulf Cooperation Council”. It deals with the significant development of relations between Türkiye and the GCC countries in the past two decades.

The study, authored by Turkish political researcher Batu Coşkun, indicates that relations between the two sides have grown significantly, driven by geopolitical, economic and security factors.

According to the study, Turkish-GCC relations are witnessing growing strategic cooperation in the fields of trade and defense, given that the GCC countries are the largest customers of Turkish defense industries.

The study also sheds light on the role played by Türkiye and the GCC countries in drawing a new map for the region, in light of the changes taking place in the Middle East with the decline of the US role.

The study recommends that Turkish-GCC relations be strengthened by establishing an institutional framework for cooperation, which would benefit the security and stability of the region.

The study also proposes holding regular forums between the two sides at the level of heads of state and ministers of foreign affairs and finance, in addition to exploring the possibility of concluding a free trade agreement between Türkiye and the GCC countries as a single bloc.

The study concludes that Turkish-GCC relations constitute a new form of regionalism based on the diversity of strategic arrangements between Middle Eastern countries. They are also in line with a broader trend towards multipolarity and increasing the independence of both Türkiye and the GCC countries. 

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