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UAE launches ‘Summer without Accidents’ campaign to combat tyre-related road hazards

UAE launches ‘Summer without Accidents’ campaign to combat tyre-related road hazards
10 June 2024 08:24


As the summer temperatures rise, the Federal Traffic Council (FTC) has again launched its annual “Summer without Accidents” campaign, a proactive measure to limit the surge of tyre-related incidents on the road.

The nationwide campaign, which runs until September 1, targets drivers and road users across the nation, emphasising the importance of tyre maintenance as a cornerstone of road safety during the sweltering summer months.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said the campaign’s goal aims to foster a culture of safety and vigilance among motorists.

By adhering to guidelines on vehicle load capacity, tyre selection, and regular maintenance checks, the MoI aims to lessen the risks of traffic accidents, which tend to escalate during the summer due to factors such as high temperatures, overloading, and under-inflation.

Due to the increased dangers posed by the summer heat, the MoI and traffic authorities have intensified efforts to monitor compliance with tyre safety regulations.

Violations, particularly the use of unfit tyres, will get stringent penalties under Article (82) of the Federal Traffic Law, including a Dh500 fine, four traffic points, and vehicle impoundment for a week.

Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, Chairman of the FTC, reiterated the campaign’s commitment to achieving unparalleled traffic safety standards.

The campaign is a collaborative effort, engaging federal and local ministries, authorities, and traffic safety entities.

The campaign’s messages, sent in Arabic, English, and Urdu, aim to reach a broad audience through social media channels.

The campaign’s timing is strategic, coinciding with the onset of the summer travel season. Precautionary measures extend beyond tyre checks to include adherence to vehicle load limits, ensuring functional lights and turn signals, and the absence of flammable materials in vehicles.

He also reminded motorists to adhere to the permissible load limits on the vehicle roof, which should not exceed a height of 60 centimetres.

Dr. Jamal Al-Amri, a traffic expert and Executive Director of SAAED for Traffic Systems, forecasts a significant temperature surge in the coming months, heightening the risk of tyre blowouts.

He underscored the necessity of following safety protocols, such as selecting appropriate tyres and maintaining correct tyre pressure.

Al-Amri also cautioned against the purchase of used tyres, which often lack quality assurance and fail to meet safety standards.

He stressed that such negligent acts not only endanger lives but also violates UAE regulations that criminalise the sale of second-hand tyres.

Many UAE residents agreed that the summer period sees an increase in traffic accidents.

Many attribute this trend to a general disregard for vehicle maintenance and a lack of road safety awareness.

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