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Cooking oil recycling initiative gains steam in Abu Dhabi

Cooking oil recycling initiative gains steam in Abu Dhabi
9 June 2024 23:00


In their endeavour to reduce the detrimental impact of cooking oil on both the environment and infrastructure, and in their strive to provide a future without waste, the Environment Friends Society has partnered with the Bani Yas Municipality Center to launch the "Together to Recycle Used Cooking Oil" initiative.

The initiative aims for proper disposal methods for used cooking oils, with a particular focus on preserving sewage networks, given the damage caused by disposing of oils into sewage pipes from houses, farms, and other areas.

Maintaining sewage networks clogged with oils can be quite expensive, both in terms of material costs and the environmental impact, according to environmentalists.

According to the Environment Friends Society, many entities and companies are backing the initiative. Also cooperation has been established with the Abu Dhabi City Municipality and the KEZAD Group, serving as strategic partners for the initiative over the span of six months.

Additional partners will be enlisted for the second phase, assuming strategic and executive roles to broaden the initiative's reach. Collaboration with these partners facilitates the dissemination of the initiative to society members, according to the organisers.

The process starts by reaching out to the contact numbers announced by the society. They will then coordinate the collection of used cooking oil from homes or locations where large quantities are typically found, such as restaurants and establishments.

A representative arrives at the designated location, collects the used cooking oil, documents the receipt through the society in kilogrammes, and provides a certificate as a form of awareness-raising incentive. The waste oil is converted into biodiesel and other products.

The Environment Friends Society is also organising awareness campaigns targeting residents of residential complexes, workers, small business owners, and school students through both school field visits and virtual events.

After undergoing a six-month trial period, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi municipality and KEZAD Group, the initiative is gaining ground as a well-established programme at the national level.

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