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UAE welcomes 17th group of wounded Palestinian children, cancer patients

UAE welcomes 17th group of wounded Palestinian children, cancer patients
16 May 2024 19:14


The 17th group of wounded Palestinian children and cancer patients arrived today in the UAE, in line with the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to provide medical treatment for 1,000 injured children and 1,000 cancer patients from the Gaza Strip at the UAE's hospitals.

Departing from Al Arish International Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the plane landed at Zayed International Airport, carrying a group of children and cancer patients who are in urgent need of medical assistance, accompanied by their family members.

Upon landing, medical teams swiftly transferred the wounded and those in need of immediate care to hospitals for treatment, while other cases and their companions were taken to their residence in the Emirates Humanitarian City.

The UAE's hospitals provide the highest levels of healthcare for the injured and cancer patients, in embodiment of the directives of the country's wise leadership.

This initiative comes as part of the continuous efforts made by the United Arab Emirates at various levels to provide relief to the brotherly Palestinian people and enhance the response to the humanitarian conditions witnessed in the Gaza Strip.

The United Arab Emirates is working to provide treatment and health care to the Palestinians in Gaza to alleviate the human suffering they are experiencing. In this context, the directives of the wise leadership came to provide all forms of support in the field of health care following the collapse of the health sector in the Gaza Strip. To this end, the UAE has established a field hospital inside Gaza and a floating hospital in the Egyptian city of Arish, in addition to providing hospitals in the Gaza Strip with ambulances, equipment, medicines and medical supplies and treating 2,000 wounded and cancer-stricken children in UAE hospitals and caring for them until their return to their homeland, in addition to providing medical support to hospitals operating inside the Gaza Strip.

The United Arab Emirates has been quick to provide urgent humanitarian and relief aid to the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the crisis. These initiatives are a continuation of the UAE's efforts aimed at alleviating the suffering of civilians in the Gaza Strip at an accelerated and coordinated pace as a result of the deteriorating humanitarian crisis and working to reduce its negative repercussions.

Source: WAM
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