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Abu Dhabi’s Tourism 365 leads sustainability charge with eco-tourism initiatives

Abu Dhabi’s Tourism 365 leads sustainability charge with eco-tourism initiatives
10 May 2024 07:45


Abu Dhabi-based Tourism 365, the tourism arm of ADNEC Group, is pioneering eco-tourism initiatives to position the emirate as a premier tourist destination, prioritising sustainability and culturally rich travel experiences, said Josep-Antón Grases, Chief Operating Officer at Tourism 365.

In an interview with Aletihad on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024, Grases highlighted Abu Dhabi’s proactive efforts to diversify its economy beyond oil, amid global shifts towards sustainability. 

With tourism playing a pivotal role in this strategic transition, ADNEC Group and its subsidiary Tourism 365, are emblematic of the emirate’s commitment to harnessing tourism for economic diversification.

Grases stated: “Tourism 365 is dedicated to crafting eco-friendly travel experiences that not only minimise environmental impacts but also highlight Abu Dhabi’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage.” This translates into initiatives that promote low-carbon travel solutions, support conservation projects, and foster engagement with local communities to ensure that tourism development is “mutually beneficial”.

Grases elaborated on strategies employed by Tourism 365 to ensure the economic impact of the tourism sector is maximised, both locally in Abu Dhabi and across the GCC region. These include strategic expansion into new markets and comprehensive collaborations with various travel industry stakeholders. 

“By launching charter flight services from new international markets, Tourism 365 not only increases the inflow of tourists but also diversifies the guest profile, which enhances Abu Dhabi’s global connectivity and appeal as a destination,” he said.

“The tourism sector, already a significant part of Abu Dhabi’s economy, benefits from these initiatives designed to boost local spending across multiple sectors including hospitality, retail, and entertainment,” Grases added. 

He highlighted the introduction of charter flights to Abu Dhabi from German cities such as Leipzig, Nuremberg, and Cologne through Tourism 365’s tour operator, Capital Holidays Germany, as a prime example of this strategy in action. 

Grases stated: “These flights enhance direct connectivity and market Abu Dhabi as an accessible and attractive travel destination to European tourists. Collaborations with airlines, hotels, and travel agencies are pivotal in creating comprehensive travel offerings that drive the economic impact of tourism. These partnerships ensure visitors have exceptional experiences that encourage repeat visits and positive referrals, sustaining long-term growth in the tourism sector and supporting Abu Dhabi’s broader strategy of economic diversification away from oil dependency towards a sustainable, knowledge-based economy.” 

Grases further delved into the company’s diversified portfolio of services, particularly in destination and travel management, which contributes to enhancing the overall guest experience in Abu Dhabi.
He noted that Tourism 365 serves as a comprehensive travel hub encompassing destination management and travel management for both leisure and corporate clients, including tour operations under brands such as Capital Holidays Germany and Etihad Holidays UAE & GCC. This integration allows Tourism 365 to offer end-to-end travel solutions that streamline the travel experience from planning through execution. 

Following a customer-centric approach, every aspect of the travel service is tailored to individual needs and preferences, whether through arranging specialised tours, managing corporate travel logistics, or creating bespoke vacation packages, said Grases.

He added that the synergistic relationship between Tourism 365 and ADNEC’s events arm significantly enhances the visitor experience by combining world-class events with exceptional travel services. Attendees of conferences or exhibitions can enjoy curated travel packages that include cultural tours, luxury accommodations, and exclusive hospitality services, making their stay in Abu Dhabi “uniquely enriching and seamless”.

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