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'TRENDS' continues its participation at Abu Dhabi Book Fair

'TRENDS' continues its participation at Abu Dhabi Book Fair
3 May 2024 10:34


TRENDS Research and Advisory continues its busy engagement at Abu Dhabi Book Fair, for the fourth consecutive day, through its pavilion which is enhanced by artificial intelligence tools. The pavilion features about 280 research publications dealing with various issues, analyses, and future visions of global developments.

TRENDS has released a new book entitled “Global TRENDS in Artificial Intelligence.” The Centre’s researchers signed the book as a part of an insightful panel discussion on its content.

The book examines the main global TRENDS in the field of artificial intelligence and its impact on various aspects of life, including the economy, society, and government. It provides a comprehensive analysis of technical progress in the field of artificial intelligence, Harnessing of AI tools in various sectors, the ethical and social challenges of artificial intelligence, and the future of artificial intelligence.

“Global TRENDS in Artificial Intelligence” is a valuable resource for decision-makers, researchers, students, and those interested in understanding key TRENDS in artificial intelligence and its impact on the world.

The French Experience

In another event, TRENDS Research and Advisory released a book entitled "The French Experience", authored by Ali Abdullah AlAhmad, Assistant Undersecretary for Policies and Defence Communication at the UAE’s Ministry of Defence. The event was organised at TRENDS Pavilion in the presence of senior officials, in addition to a large audience of those interested in cultural and diplomatic affairs. The panel discussion was moderated by TRENDS researcher Reem AlKindi, who welcomed the audience and praised Ambassador AlAhmad's research effort that enriched the Arab library with this valuable book.

Ambassador AlAhmad delivered a presentation on his book. He spoke about his experiences during his tour of duty as Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to France. He also shared some insights and observations with the audience related to his period in France.

He indicated that the bilateral relations between the UAE and France have witnessed a remarkable development during the past years, thanks to cooperation in various fields. He shared some of his memories during his time in France, such as his visit to the Elysee Palace, his meeting with the French President, and his engagements at international conferences.

Ambassador AlAhmad discussed the impact of the COVID pandemic on France and the world, and praised the effective measures taken by the French government to combat the pandemic.

Ambassador AlAhmad said that cultural relations between the UAE and France have grown significantly in recent years. He referred to the presence of the prestigious Sorbonne University and the world-famous Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi as a testament to the depth of this cultural relationship.

He said that the friendship between the UAE and France has been cemented by the close relationship between the UAE's founding leader, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and former French President Jacques Chirac. The two leaders exchanged mutual respect and understanding, which laid the solid foundation for strong cultural and economic relations between the two countries.

Ambassador AlAhmad explained that the UAE's significant contributions to UNESCO reflect its commitment to the promotion of education, culture, and peace. The UAE is the second largest contributor to UNESCO, sponsoring many programs, most notably education and teacher development programs. Through these initiatives, the UAE plays a critical role in transforming entire communities and promoting development and peace.

The presentation was followed by an open discussion where the audience raised their questions to Ambassador AlAhmad about the content of the book and his experience in France.

Signing Partnership

TRENDS Research and Advisory and Fujairah Culture and Media Authority signed a research cooperation agreement that supports knowledge exchange. The agreement was signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, and Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamahi, the Executive Director of the Authority. The two sides shall cooperate in several areas, including the conduct of research and advisory studies on issues of common interest, exchange of experiences and knowledge between researchers and experts on both sides, organising joint events, and developing the relevant training programmes.

Dr. Al-Ali expressed his happiness at the signing of this agreement. He stressed the significance of cooperation, especially in the fields of research and media. He said it promotes knowledge and scientific research and contributes to the development of innovative solutions to challenges and issues.

Al Yamahi explained that this agreement falls in line with the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority’s endeavour to strengthen partnership with various leading research institutions in the region. He said that TRENDS Research and Advisory is one of the most prominent international research centres, and has extensive experience in the field of research and consultancy studies.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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