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Prompt emergency weather response addressed impact on electricity, water services, say Energy, Health Ministries

Prompt emergency weather response addressed impact on electricity, water services, say Energy, Health Ministries
24 Apr 2024 21:54


The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Health and Prevention have confirmed that they are taking immediate action to address the problem of power and water outages in some limited areas, across the nation following the country's exposure to an unprecedented low-pressure system that has not been seen in the Emirates for more than 75 years. This effort is being made in collaboration and coordination with local emergency and crisis management teams, the Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) , the Sharjah Electricity, Water, and Gas Authority (SEWA), and other local health departments.

The two ministries pointed out in a media statement that there have been some rainwater leaks in some underground tanks in limited areas of the country, and confirmed that specialist teams have immediately inspected the quality of the affected water in the tanks, cleaned and disinfected it to ensure its quality, and ensured its suitability for human use. This is done through periodic tests in accredited laboratories that apply the highest quality standards and guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the two ministries confirmed.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention had promptly taken the necessary and immediate measures and raised the readiness of health facilities to deal with any injuries since the outset of the low-pressure system. It dealt with a very limited number of cases that showed some symptoms of being affected by the mixed water and provided them with the necessary treatment and ensured their safety and discharge from the hospital.

The two ministries affirmed that, in order to ensure the health and safety of the community, a set of guidelines and advice is being provided in the areas affected by the low-pressure system, including avoiding walking or swimming in accumulated rainwater that may contain contaminated material, while avoiding stagnant water that may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, which may lead to diseases.

The two ministries commended the efforts of the emergency and crisis management teams, the relevant authorities, and the specialist teams for their rapid response to all the repercussions, appreciating their effective role in addressing the various challenges, and providing the necessary support to the community around the clock and continuously since the onset of the low-pressure system. They also appreciated the community's cooperation with the competent authorities.

The authorities are urging the public to obtain information only from official sources in the country. “Circulating rumours may result in legal repercussions,” warned the statement.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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