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UAE participates in Paris Conference for Sudan, pledges $100 million to support Sudanese people

UAE participates in Paris Conference for Sudan, pledges $100 million to support Sudanese people
17 Apr 2024 16:08


Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of State, participated in meetings during the International Humanitarian Conference for Sudan, held in Paris, co-organised by France, Germany and the European Union.

The conference was attended by several countries and international and regional organisations aiming to advance peace initiatives in Sudan further.

During the conference, Sheikh Shakhboot affirmed the UAE’s commitment to support international endeavours to achieve a permanent and immediate ceasefire, find a peaceful solution to the crisis, and continue providing aid to the Sudanese people. In this regard, the UAE pledged $100 million to support humanitarian efforts in Sudan and its neighbouring countries.

The high-level meetings addressed initiatives to establish peace in Sudan and ways to strengthen them. The meetings culminated in adopting of a document outlining the principles that support resolving the conflict, which has been ongoing since April 2023, in addition to reinforcing humanitarian and diplomatic efforts to address the challenges faced by the Sudanese people.

In a speech, Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan commended the extensive efforts of the UAE, which aim to put an end to the crisis that has inflicted severe suffering on the Sudanese people.

The UAE also called for a return to the political process in Sudan, and affirmed the importance of international and regional collaboration to advance endeavours towards achieving an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and ensure the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid.

Sheikh Shakhboot emphasised the UAE’s efforts and the tangible initiatives the country has provided to mitigate the severity of the humanitarian conditions in Sudan and neighbouring countries, as the total amount of relief aid provided to those affected by the conflict has reached $150 million, including medical, food and relief supplies.

Additionally, the UAE has established a comprehensive field hospital in Abéché City, in the Republic of Chad, with a cost of $20 million, the second hospital opened by the UAE to support Sudanese refugees.

He emphasised that the UAE’s aid to Sudan and neighbouring countries reflects the unwavering commitment of the wise leadership to provide humanitarian and relief support to the brotherly Sudanese people and keenness to address humanitarian challenges and continuously extend assistance and humanitarian support to Sudan.

Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan additionally reaffirmed the UAE’s position, calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and reaching a peaceful solution for the crisis by returning to the political process, stressing that this requires prioritising wisdom and reason.

The UAE also called for joint efforts and collaboration to facilitate the ending of the conflict and a resolution to the crisis, to enhance the security and stability of Sudan and prevent further loss of life while meeting the aspirations of the brotherly Sudanese people for development and prosperity.

Source: WAM
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