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Citizens, residents praise remote work decision, preparedness amid inclement weather

Citizens, residents praise remote work decision, preparedness amid inclement weather
17 Apr 2024 12:03


Engulfing much of the UAE, unseasonably rain showers have brought temperatures significantly down for this time of year, according to several citizens and residents of Sharjah.

Mohammed Mahmoud, an Emirati citizen from Sharjah, said the intensity of the rain is unusual for this time of year.

“We were inundated with beneficial rains, and praise be to God. Thanks to the concerned authorities for all the emergency preparations in advance,” he said.
Meera Al Hamli, another citizen, also praised the authorities for their swift weather preparedness.

“We thank the concerned authorities in the country for alerting the public about the weather conditions, and raising awareness of safety measures,” Al Hamli said.

Essam Issa, also from Sharjah, said the country has not seen such abundant and heavy rainfall for many years.

“We would like to thank all government and local authorities for taking precautions, alerting the public, and making the decision to work remotely and switch to distance learning during inclement weather to ensure the safety of all,” he said.

Following Cabinet directives, a remote work mechanism was put in place on Tuesday for all federal government employees, except for those in essential roles whose jobs require presence at the workplace, in light of the current weather conditions.

Local authorities in various emirates have announced that work during the period of the low-pressure system will be conducted remotely.

The Human Resources Department in the Emirate of Sharjah also announced a remote work mechanism for employees due to unstable weather conditions on Tuesday.

The National Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Authority in Sharjah has urged the public to exercise caution while driving vehicles during weather fluctuations, and to stay away from flood-prone areas. It also warned the public of the dangers of approaching valleys, mountains, and going to the sea during current weather conditions.

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