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Factor online security into your holiday plans, says UAE Cybersecurity Council

Factor online security into your holiday plans, says UAE Cybersecurity Council
11 Apr 2024 09:49


Cybercriminals don’t take days off, the UAE Cybersecurity Council warned on Wednesday, urging the public to exercise caution with the increased risk of cyber threats during the Eid Al Fitr holiday period. 
In a social media campaign, the council said that cybercriminals take advantage of the holidays as an opportunity to launch attacks when many institutions and businesses are closed.

“In this festive season, let’s remember to stay cautious and safeguard our digital spaces, particularly in the face of persistent cyber threats,” the council said in a post on social media.

Security RecommendationsBoth individuals and businesses should factor cybersecurity measures into their holiday plans, according to the council.

Keeping software and operating systems updated and performing regular device scans is imperative for maintaining baseline cybersecurity.

The council also recommended exercising caution when encountering unfamiliar links and attachments, especially if they come from untrusted sources. Similarly, the council urged the public to remain vigilant with their emails, and to verify unusual requests to avoid falling for scams.

Ensuring that all accounts are secure with a complex password and two-factor authentication is another simple way to add an extra layer of security. Underscoring all tips is the importance of awareness, and fostering community and institutional cultures that are conscious of cybersecurity measures and common scams to minimise risks during the holiday season.

“We hope everyone will intensify their efforts to raise awareness and take necessary measures to protect themselves, their organisations, and their data,” the council said, wishing the public an Eid “filled with security and growing awareness”.

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