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'House of Wisdom' organises 40 activities attracting 8,000 visitors in Ramadan

'House of Wisdom' organises 40 activities attracting 8,000 visitors in Ramadan
5 Apr 2024 22:00


The House of Wisdom (HoW) celebrated the holy month of Ramadan with its annual Ramadaniyat event, which included over 40 cultural and creative activities, drawing in 8000 visitors. These events spanned workshops, exhibitions, and Ramadan evenings, transforming HoW's external and internal courtyards into vibrant spaces mirroring the Emirate's cultural richness.

Due to public demand and keen interest in the diverse activities, HoW has extended the Ramadaniyat event until April 14. This extension allows more visitors to experience the unique blend of cultural and creative engagements that have captivated the audience.

The "Tapestry of Culture" event stood out with its interactive workshops. Participants delved into the Ancient Egyptian Decoupage workshop, decorating objects by cutting and pasting coloured paper with adhesive. The 'Looming' workshop added a unique heritage dimension to the handicrafts, enchanting the visitors. Furthermore, the "Wisdom Tales" event, orchestrated in collaboration with the UAE Board on Books for Young People and the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, enriched the festive air with interactive sessions. Here, visitors spun narratives inspired by the rich oral and written Emirati heritage.

Ramadaniyat also heralded the opening of the 'Chapters of Islamic Art: Carpets' exhibition, which is set to continue until the end of May. This exhibition sheds light on the cultural, historical, and heritage significance of carpets, textiles, and the art of weaving in the Islamic world. It features a stunning array of illuminated manuscripts and large-sized books on Islamic art in textiles, meticulously selected from Dr. Richard Ettinghausen's esteemed private library. The accompanying creative workshops captivated audiences, who learnt about the art and crafted miniature models of artworks using traditional manual tools. Participants showcased their creations on a mural in HoW's external courtyard.

Commenting on the annual Ramadaniyat, Marwa Al Aqroubi, Executive Director of HoW, said, “The events during the blessed month of Ramadan were a vivid manifestation of the cultural confluence in Sharjah. The holy month, when spiritual and moral values come to the fore, saw these events emerge as a platform for reviving heritage and enhancing cultural awareness, providing a contemplative and creative space.”

She continued, "HoW's events offered a glimpse into the Islamic and Arab identity, illuminating the invaluable contributions to the venerable sectors of traditional arts, a domain in which Arabs have historically excelled. They reaffirm HoW's pivotal role and mission in highlighting the Arab and Islamic civilisation and reinforcing Sharjah's status as a beacon of culture and knowledge in the UAE and beyond."

Source: WAM
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