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Ajman Municipality launches ‘Zero Carbon Schools’ initiative

Ajman Municipality launches ‘Zero Carbon Schools’ initiative
29 Mar 2024 19:44


The Ajman Municipality and Planning Department announced the launch of its “Zero Carbon Schools” initiative, which was inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Executive Council, during the Ajman seventh International Environment Conference.

The initiative aligns with the UAE’s efforts to achieve sustainability, carbon neutrality, and net zero emissions by 2050.

Executive Director of Public Health and Environment at the Department, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, highlighted the importance of instilling a positive mindset among the youth as a central objective within this crucial sector.

He said, “Our initiative was drafted with lofty aspirations to engage schools in minimising their carbon footprints and striving for net zero emissions.

This endeavour not only assists in reducing emissions, but it also improves conditions at schools and mitigates their environmental impacts."

The initiative will achieve beneficial outcomes by converting schools into eco-friendly hubs that prioritise energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. That will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality through the adoption of green practices, he added.

Al Hosani also affirmed the key role of schools in promoting environmental sustainability by implementing a variety of measures.

This includes installing solar panels for power generation, upgrading cooling and HVAC systems for better energy efficiency, and promoting the responsible use of resources and effective waste management from the source.

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