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MoIAT launches ITTI Use-Case Guide on industrial best practices to drive I4.0 transformation

MoIAT launches ITTI Use-Case Guide on industrial best practices to drive I4.0 transformation
27 Mar 2024 16:39


The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has launched the Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI) Use-Case Guide to provide manufacturers and key stakeholders with insights and recommendations on key Industry 4.0 technologies and sector-specific sustainability initiatives.

With findings derived from ITTI assessments, the comprehensive guide encompasses more than 90 high-impact use cases prioritised from over 1,530 Industry 4.0 applications and sustainability initiatives presenting a potential market opportunity of AED1.5 billion, as well as advanced technology trends, from nine priority sectors within the UAE’s industrial landscape.

The initiative aligns with the objectives of the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology “Operation 300Bn” to boost innovation by accelerating advanced technology adoption across the industrial value chain, as well as support the growth of local industries and enhance their global competitiveness.

  • MoIAT launches ITTI Use-Case Guide on industrial best practices to drive I4.0 transformation

Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, said, "In line with the vision of the UAE's leadership, we are committed to supporting the growth of the industrial and technological sectors. This includes establishing an enabling ecosystem with a strong legal framework, competitive incentives and investment opportunities. In addition, the ministry is helping to build an environment that enhances the competitiveness of national industries, raising their contribution to GDP.”

"At the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, we are developing and launching initiatives aimed at promoting the adoption of AI applications in industry. We are pleased to launch the Industrial Technology Transformation Index Use-Case Guide, a unique tool that helps industrial leaders in the UAE develop strategies and make decisions that enable them to accelerate their technological transformation and implement Fourth Industrial Revolution solutions such as AI and IoT. The new guide promotes innovation and aims to boost the role of technology in shaping the future of industry,” he added.

Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, Sarah Al Amiri, said, “The ITTI Use-Case Guide is an important step in empowering our industry leaders to make informed decisions, creating pathways for a more innovative and sustainable manufacturing future. Over 92 percent of ITTI-assessed companies have adopted sustainability initiatives and 32 percent of manufacturers have implemented advanced Industry 4.0 use cases, which demonstrates a growing sector, and presents companies – particularly SMEs – with an opportunity to enhance performance and efficiency in line with local and global best practices.”

“The ministry, through the Technology Transformation Programme (TTP) is committed to driving technology adoption by building capability, sharing knowledge, providing incentives and fostering a conducive environment for experimentation. This contributes to the development of the industrial sector and is aimed at enhancing the UAE’s position as a global hub for advanced industries,” she added.

Launched during a masterclass for C-Suite leaders from the UAE’s largest industrial companies and SMEs alongside tech providers and academia, the ITTI Use-Case Guide, is aimed at showcasing the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies across the national sector through transformative, high-impact Industry 4.0 use cases.

The masterclass, titled ‘The Innovation Imperative: Future-Proofing Your Manufacturing with Cutting-Edge Tech’, hosted by the ministry at its Dubai headquarters with peer stakeholders in attendance, discussed top use cases, actionable strategies, problem-solving insights, and cutting-edge technologies.

Participants discussed opportunities and potential challenges relating to integrating innovative use cases into their operations.

Based on meticulous assessment reports, the guide details sector-specific Industry 4.0 use cases in 20 charters, laying the foundation for manufacturers in the UAE to drive digital transformation and unlock opportunities in the market.

The ITTI Use Case Guide sheds light on upcoming Industry 4.0 use cases with top potential market opportunities including ‘Predictive Maintenance for Shopfloor Machinery’ and ‘Automating Enterprise Processes Using RPAs’ amongst others.

ITTI, which was launched under the Technology Transformation Programme in February 2023, aims to empower companies to begin and accelerate their digital transformations.

It is a comprehensive tool for measuring a plant's digital and sustainability maturity, and providing a customised roadmap for smarter, more sustainable production.

The index, developed alongside the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), measures Industry 4.0 and sustainability readiness to drive decarbonisation and sustainability in line with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative.

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