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Al Suhub Rest Area: Jewel in UAE’s tourism crown offers breathtaking views of Khorfakkan coastline

Al Suhub Rest Area: Jewel in UAE’s tourism crown offers breathtaking views of Khorfakkan coastline
26 Jan 2024 05:33


Offering stunning panoramic views of Khorfakkan along the UAE’s eastern coastline, Al Suhub Rest Area has become one of the country’s key tourist attractions.

The flying saucer-shaped mountain viewpoint, located almost 600 metres above sea level, has been designed to offer a 360-degree experience over the mountainous city.

Inaugurated in 2021, Al Suhub Rest Area provides visitors with an unforgettable experience, aligning with the fourth edition of “World’s Coolest Winter” campaign, which runs from January 9 to February 20, to promote domestic tourism and highlight the key tourist attractions in each emirate, with an agenda full of events and activities.

Rest Area Offerings

The rest area offers a special experience in the mountains for hikers, athletes, and adventure seekers, with two hiking trails that lead to the viewpoint. The first trail extends from the Al Rufaisah Dam over 3 kilometres, while the second, which is currently under construction, leads from the rest area to the Jebel Al Sheikh Tower, stretching over 2.8 kilometres.

The area also includes a twofloor round building, 30 metres in diameter, which offers picturesque views of the bay area below. It consists of two floors spanning 2,788 sqm. The ground floor includes a restaurant and a cafe that can accommodate 88 visitors in the inner hall and 48 in the outer balcony, while the basement contains a multi-purpose hall, separate prayer rooms for men and women, toilets, and service and administrative facilities.

Children can enjoy games in the play area, built over 541 square metres and surrounded by a variety of plants and trees.

The road leading to the rest area is also equipped for buses with concrete barriers installed along the road, and the route has been illuminated with 738 energy-saving lighting poles, with 48 more fixated for the parking area.

Stunning Views

Al Suhub Rest Area enables visitors to take in the sights of the area’s majestic mountains contrasted by the tranquil ocean view, without foregoing the convenience of world-class services.

Built over an area of 10,250 square metres, the rest area is dotted with green spaces where 8,700 trees were planted.

There are also rest-stops along the route up the hill that enable visitors to enjoy the scenic drive up. The first level is located at an altitude of 110 metres above sea level, the second is at an altitude of 200 metres, the third is at an altitude of 240 metres, the fourth is at an altitude of 375 metres, and the fifth level is located at an altitude of 470 metres above sea level. The development plan for these levels includes establishing various services, such as restaurants and cafes, in addition to providing 309 parking spaces that serve the main rest area.

Recent Development Projects

The number of residents and travelers visiting Khorfakkan from all over the world had doubled in recent years due to recently launched tourism projects, which include a Roman-inspired amphitheatre, a waterfall, the redeveloped corniche area, and Al Rafisah Dam.

The launch of the new landmarks has supported the region’s social and economic development and created numerous job opportunities, with more projects to be launched to meet the growing demand from local and international tourists.

Dubbed the “Bride of the Eastern Coast”, Khorfakkan’s natural beauty in its pristine beaches and rugged mountainous terrain, along with its unique cultural heritage attractions and events, have earned it the “the best Arab Tourist City for 2023” award by the Arab Union for Tourist Media.

In 2019, an 89-km road was inaugurated to reduce the travel time between Sharjah and Khorfakkan to 45 minutes from 90 minutes. The Dh6-billion project, which includes five tunnels, restored historic forts, and landmarks, has had a far-reaching impact on the coastal town.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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