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Emirati keepsakes: UAE treasures at Al Hosn Festival

Emirati keepsakes: UAE treasures at Al Hosn Festival
22 Jan 2024 22:35


Al Hosn Festival immerses visitors in a celebration of Emirati culture, appealing to all five senses with a rich dose of UAE heritage. From delicious authentic dishes and local perfumes to interacting with the habitat’s animals and enjoying musical performances and art, the festival embodies the essence of the beloved United Arab Emirates.

On every festivalgoer’s to-do list should be: “Pick up a UAE-themed item.” Not only to support local businesses and entrepreneurs but to show some love for the incredible country and commemorate the visit.

Emirati Fashion Statement
Infuse your wardrobe with symbols of UAE heritage that not only enhance your style but also set you apart from mainstream fashion. Consider a tote bag from The Noor Creative, an ideal choice for practical shoppers as it could be your sustainable shopping bag, work lunch sack, or grab-and-go gym tote.

  • Emirati keepsakes: UAE treasures at Al Hosn Festival

Alternatively, make a bold statement with a pair of loud and proud socks to add a splash of colour to a minimalist wardrobe. Animal lovers could grab some with camels or oxen on them, while foodies can go for those with Laban Up, Chips Oman, or hot sauce prints with a hint of nostalgia.

  • Emirati keepsakes: UAE treasures at Al Hosn Festival

Game On with Emirati Flair 
For card game enthusiasts, give your deck of cards some edge with a unique Emirati twist. Shadda’s design draws inspiration from the UAE's heritage, featuring Emirati characters and traditional accessories. As you shuffle the cards, you will encounter the local "Shaybah" and "Harmah," representing the King and Queen, alongside various other Emirati personas filling in for traditional card characters.

  • Emirati keepsakes: UAE treasures at Al Hosn Festival

Understated Elegance
For those who want something a bit more subtle, the Abu Dhabi Crafts booth has a selection of high-quality items made by the House of Artisans woven using traditional Bedouin techniques. On display are bags, straps, passport covers, placemats, coasters, laptop sleeves, bookmarks, and eye masks featuring minimalistic, traditional stitches and patterns.

Emirati Stickers and Charms
Add an Emirati touch to your belongings with items you can stick, pin, or hang. The Festival Shop provides car fresheners and Croc Jibbitz shaped as traditional coffee cups, Karak Chai, and Luqaimat. 

  • Emirati keepsakes: UAE treasures at Al Hosn Festival

Wander through the vibrant festival and discover all kinds of stickers from standard paper ones to magnetic and glow-in-the-dark options, featuring Emirati symbols such as the passport, Burqa, national animals, and the UAE Emblem.

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