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UAE spares no efforts in protecting rights of Palestinian people: Palestinian Ambassador to UN

UAE spares no efforts in protecting rights of Palestinian people: Palestinian Ambassador to UN
20 Nov 2023 09:43

Cairo (ALETIHAD) - The Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Riyad Mansour, appreciated the UAE’s effective role within the corridors of international organisations to stop the war in Gaza and encourage political and diplomatic solutions to address the ongoing crisis.

The Palestinian diplomat told Aletihad that the UAE has been successfully representing the Arab group in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) through its active membership. In this context, the Arab group, led by the UAE, is coordinating its positions to stop the escalation and return to diplomatic and peaceful mechanisms to affirm Palestinian rights and support regional and international efforts aimed at establishing a two-state solution.

The Palestinian Representative to the United Nations explained that the UAE has spared no effort in protecting the rights of the Palestinian people through its effective diplomacy in various regional and international organisations, including the UN, the UNSC, the Arab League, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

He explained that these efforts showcase the importance of political and diplomatic frameworks that must be followed to fully resolve the crisis.

The UAE is working towards ending the conflict in the region in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular, in light of recent developments on the ground.

The Palestinian diplomat praised the UAE’s efforts to convey the voice of the Palestinian people and the suffering and crises they endure to the international community, aiming to intensify efforts to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip and ensure the non-targeting of health and relief facilities.

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