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DCD collaborates with strategic partners to organise volunteering workshops in Abu Dhabi

DCD collaborates with strategic partners to organise volunteering workshops in Abu Dhabi
10 Nov 2023 18:45

ABU DHABI (WAM): The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi (DCD), in collaboration with its strategic partners, organised a series of workshops regarding volunteering in the emirate. The workshops were conducted in partnership with the Authority of Social Contribution - Ma'an, Emirates Red Crescent, and the Platform and was targeting non-profit organisations and places of worship for non-Muslims licensed in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The workshops aimed to raise awareness around volunteering in Abu Dhabi by highlighting the variety of services DCD offers for the volunteering community and clarifying the different types of licensing it issued in this regard. Moreover, the workshops clarify strategic partners' roles with regard to volunteering work besides exploring areas of improvement, opportunities and challenges faced by volunteers.​

Mahasen Al Hosani, Director of the Licensing Department at DCD, said, “The department is deeply committed to raising awareness among individuals and institutions regarding the significance of social solidarity. We aim to unify efforts in creating a robust social system that prioritises volunteering and understands its pivotal role in fostering societal cohesion. This goal is achieved by cultivating values such as goodwill and humanitarianism, embodying the core principles of our society rooted in community, compassion, and helping those in need."

The workshops actively promoted community participation in volunteering, emphasising the importance of fostering inclusive and diverse volunteering initiatives across the emirate. They also sought to create a safe environment for volunteering, define local regulations governing these efforts, and play a key role in positioning Abu Dhabi's volunteering framework as a model at both regional and global levels.

The workshops strive to develop an efficient and impactful volunteering environment in Abu Dhabi by cultivating a volunteering culture, and enhancing social cohesion and unity, while adhering to established professional standards. Their primary objective is to tackle the challenges encountered within the volunteering system, while also fostering greater collaboration and partnership among various entities.

The workshops help to clarify the rights and responsibilities of individuals, teams, and entities involving volunteers, motivating, supporting, and optimising their capabilities. Central to the workshops’ purpose is the discussion of prevalent challenges and opportunities, the exchange of experiences among relevant entities, and the sharing of expertise in the field of volunteering.

Source: WAM
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