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Somalia neutralises 30 Al-Shabaab terrorists

Somalia neutralises 30 Al-Shabaab terrorists
24 Apr 2024 21:39


In a coordinated effort, Somali National Armed Forces, in partnership with international security allies, conducted a successful operation against the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, eliminating more than 30 militants from the group. The strategic operation targeted the Arfuda area, just under Harardhere town, and resulted in a significant disruption of Al-Shabaab's activities in the Galmudug State of Somalia.

The operation focused on two primary locations used by Al-Shabaab: one being a gathering point for militants and the other, a preparation site for explosive-laden vehicles. The National Forces and their international partners launched a precise assault on these hideouts, leading to the destruction of various terrorist equipment, including both conventional war vehicles and those rigged with explosives intended for attacks.

"The National Forces, along with their international allies, successfully destroyed all terrorist equipment, including war vehicles and those intended for use in explosions," Somali news agency SONNA reported.

The successful raid disrupts Al-Shabaab's ability to conduct further attacks in the area, providing a safer environment for the residents of Galmudug State and contributing to the broader fight against terrorism in Somalia.

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