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Ministry of Culture invites Emiratis to apply for 2nd National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity

Ministry of Culture invites Emiratis to apply for 2nd National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity
14 May 2024 15:56


The Ministry of Culture announced that it is currently accepting applications for the second cycle of the National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity (NGPCC) to offer grants to Emirati creatives to support their creative projects.

Launched in 2023, the nationwide grant programme is a key initiative of the Ministry of Culture designed to receive applications from across various fields.

These include Books and Literature, Music, Film and TV, Performing Arts and Theatre, Visual Arts and Design, Video Games and Cultural Heritage.

The programme's second cycle will be accepting online applications until June 1, 2024.

Notably, it covers the cultural and creative industries offering creatives a chance to showcase their work to local, regional, and international audiences leading to greater visibility of the UAE’s talent and local cultural production.

This reaffirms the ministry’s commitment to developing a thriving creative ecosystem in the country by fostering home-grown talent, advancing careers, and enabling further production of creative projects from the sector.

The aim is to provide opportunities for Emirati creatives from across the UAE by helping them overcome the financial barriers to delivering their projects or participating in opportunities.

The first cycle of the National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity has proven to be successful, awarding 26 emerging and established Emirati creatives in several cultural and creative fields.

Several project outcomes include short films, published books, theatre productions, a video game, as well as the participation of creatives within international residencies, performances, and art fairs in Venice, Egypt, Latvia, and Poland.

Minister of Culture, Salem bin Khaled Al Qassimi, said, “The launch of the second cycle of the National Grant Programme for Culture and Creativity illustrates the unwavering support of the Ministry of Culture for the UAE’s cultural and creative industries and promoting the UAE’s national identity and heritage. Building on the success of last year’s cycle, we would like to expand the programme’s reach and urge more creatives to come forward and submit their applications to benefit from this opportunity. By enabling talent through providing funding, we aim to enhance cultural production in the country and maximise exposure and presence for Emirati creatives locally, regionally and internationally while also enhancing the UAE’s position on the global cultural and creative map.”

This year as well, the programme invites artists, designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers and other creative professionals to submit their proposals to the Ministry within four categories that cater to the specific needs of creatives.

These include the Creation and Production Grant, Promotion and Local Participations Grant, Capacity Development Grant, and International Travel and Mobility Grant.

The Creation and Production Grant (up to Dh100,000) is designed to finance the production of new and original artistic and creative works across various mediums, such as film, music, performances, and video games.

It supports projects that demonstrate artistic excellence, creative appeal, and a unique vision or concept.

The Promotion and Local Participations Grant (up to Dh80,000) supports the promotion, distribution, and publication of creative projects to increase visibility for locally produced artworks and creative projects.

It also aims to encourage creatives to take part in local opportunities and events through supporting associated participation costs.

The Capacity Development Grant (up to Dh50,000) aims to support the professional growth of applicants by supporting unique learning opportunities that upskill and enhance creatives’ skills and talent through opportunities such as short courses, residencies, specialised training from recognised institutions, and similar development opportunities.

The International Travel and Mobility Grant (up to Dh50,000) supports creatives to participate in international events and opportunities by funding costs of travel, accommodation, and participation to represent the UAE on global platforms.

It aims to increase the global presence of the UAE’s creative sector and can cover associated fees for participation in festivals, exhibitions, international collaborations, and more.

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