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Abu Dhabi Media Network, Roots Production Studio sign cooperation agreement

Abu Dhabi Media Network, Roots Production Studio sign cooperation agreement
17 Nov 2023 01:00

Abu Dhabi (Aletihad)


Abu Dhabi Media Network (ADMN), the leading public media services company in the UAE, announced the signing of an agreement with Roots Production Studio to under which the two parties will collaborate to create a range of series, dramas, and a diverse set of programmes that integrate education, awareness, and entertainment.


This aligns with the network's vision and new strategy to develop its channels' media content. The signing was announced on the sidelines of Abu Dhabi Media Network's participation in the World Media Congress 2023, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Presidential Court, in Abu Dhabi. 


The signing was attended by Rashid Humaid Al Qubaisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Media, Issa Saif Al Mazrouei, CEO of the Content Centre, Abdul Rahim Al Nuaimi, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and Official Spokesperson of ADMN, and Yasser Harb, CEO of Roots Production Studio. 


The agreement underscores ADMN's commitment to advancing local content production, including dramatic works and entertainment programmes. The network is dedicated to supporting local companies, specifically those based in media, artistic production, and creativity.


The programmes produced under the agreement is intended to offer rich, meaningful, and diverse content to suit the taste of various segments of society in an innovative and interactive manner. 


ADMN CEO Rashid Hamid Al Qubaisi, said: 'Abu Dhabi Media Network is keen to consolidate its leadership in content production by offering interactive, entertaining, and educational content at the highest artistic level tailored to a local and Arab audience. The network's agreement with Roots aligns with this commitment. We will work on producing quality content that elevates the network's position among national, regional, and global media institutions, and meets the preferences of the audience across different segments of society." 


Al Qubaisi added: "Through this agreement, we aim to fulfill Abu Dhabi Media Network's commitment to supporting local production, and work developed by Emirati companies, along with supporting these companies in content production based on Abu Dhabi Media Network's decades-long pioneering experience. This also includes developing national talent in the media sector, and specifically in creative production, contributing to the advancement of the sector at all levels." 


Roots Production Studio CEO, Yasser Harb, said that Roots has presented a series of informative programmes on ADMN'schannels, and is working on several Emirati drama series for the next Ramadan season, which will showcase new Emirati stories and young talents. 


"Some of these works are the largest in the history of Emirati drama in terms of production, marked by a different artistic image and vision, and young Emirati faces that will shape the new face of drama in the UAE," Harb said.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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