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Abu Dhabi police organise traffic safety workshop for delivery drivers

Abu Dhabi police organise traffic safety workshop for delivery drivers
10 July 2024 19:01


Delivery drivers are a ubiquitous sight on Abu Dhabi roads, zipping past other motorists in attempt to hand out the fresh food parcels to the waiting customers in their homes and offices.

Most of them, in full safety gear, race their motorcycles to reach their destinations in the earliest time possible so that customers are not kept waiting.

However, such speedy deliveries may come with the risk of flouting traffic rules.

Abu Dhabi Police organised a workshop for delivery drivers to raise their awareness on the need to adhere to the traffic safety rules.

The police posted a video of the workshop on the Facebook and other social media channels.

Brigadier Mahmoud Yousef Al Balushi, Director of the Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate, stressed the Abu Dhabi Police's interest in enhancing the safety of this category of road users.

He urged the drivers to follow speed limits and obey road signs and warned of strict action against "reckless" drivers who put the lives of other road users in danger.

Not using phones while driving and adhering to lane disciple, maintaining safe distance from the other vehicles are some of the fundamental rules that were stressed.

In case of a breakdown, the drivers should move the vehicle to the nearest safe parking place, rather than parking it on the road shoulders meant for emergency vehicles, the police said and urged them to wear all the mandatory personal safety equipment.

The workshops are conducted in multiple languages, including Arabic, English and Urdu, in order to reach drivers of all nationalities.

The Abu Dhabi government has prioritised the wellbeing and safety of delivery riders, and recently launched an initiative to provide covered rest areas for the waiting food delivery drivers at all the malls.

Mall administrations were asked to provide seating, water coolers, and mobile phone charging stations, and ensure that the designated rest areas are easily accessible to delivery workers by placing them near common pick-up and drop-off points.

This initiative follows efforts to issue parking permits for four buses that have been designated as temporary rest stops for drivers in Khalifa City, Shamkhah, Al Wathbah, and Al Ain City.

In addition, permanent rest areas are being set up at four carefully selected locations in Abu Dhabi Island, Khalifa City, and Shakhbout City At the federal level, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced that 6,000 rest stations will be provided for delivery service workers across the UAE in collaboration with government entities and private sector companies.

An interactive map of these stations will be provided to enable workers to easily locate and access them during the mandatory Midday Break between June 15 to September 15. 

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