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Abu Dhabi Mobility marks one million Abu Dhabi Link passengers since 2020

Abu Dhabi Mobility marks one million Abu Dhabi Link passengers since 2020
4 July 2024 10:32


Abu Dhabi Mobility has marked the completion of one million passenger trips on the Abu Dhabi Link on-demand bus service since its launch in 2020. The service continues to offer a service that can be accessed through a mobile application, integrating within the public bus network, supporting efforts to expand services, diversify mobility options for community members, and expand access to public bus services.

The service encourages visitors and residents to use public transport for their journeys, reducing walking distances and waiting times. As a result, the service witnessed growing popularity among individuals due to its ability to facilitate residents' commutes, diversify mobility options, enhance the comfort of public transport users, and make mass transit services more convenient for the public's needs. 

Abu Dhabi Mobility has announced that the total number of passenger journeys benefiting from  the Abu Dhabi Link service in 2023 amounted to 367,000 trips. These journeys were distributed across various locations, including 146,000 trips in Al Shahama , 84,000 trips on Yas Island, 53,000 trips on Saadiyat Island, and 84,000 trips in Khalifa City. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Link application was downloaded 27,000 times throughout the year. 

Abu Dhabi Mobility has consistently enhanced the On-Demand Bus Service in partnership with United Trans and Via. The service quality has improved, its scope has been expanded, and the smart application has been developed. These efforts have simplified operations, reduced waiting times, and increased vehicle usage.

His Excellency Abdulla Al Marzouqi, Director General of Integrated Transport Centre, expressed his pride in celebrating this significant milestone. His Excellency commented that the commitment to continuously develop the service by utilising the latest technological advancements, algorithms, and real-time tracking technologies to ensure a seamless and reliable transport experience for the increasing number of users.

In 2023, Abu Dhabi Mobility made several enhancements and adjustments to the on-demand bus service and routes in Abu Dhabi, extending its reach to additional areas. This expansion has allowed more residents and visitors to have seamless travel between various residential areas and service facilities.

The on-demand bus service has witnessed growth in the number of trips, increasing from 50,000 trips in 2020 to over 300,000 trips in 2023, with expectations to reach 400,000 trips in 2024.

In total, the buses covered more than 4 million kilometres to fulfil 80 per cent of the requests. The service has been ranked among the top 15 per cent of VIA services operated worldwide.

Abu Dhabi Link on-demand bus service has reflected positively in user ratings, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the application. In addition 85 per cent of users have given the on-demand bus service a 5-star rating.

The on-demand bus service operates on the principle of providing a bus upon request to transport community members from their current locations to their desired destinations within specific areas.

This service is part of the first- and last-mile connectivity solutions, using small buses that operate on-demand through a smart application in designated areas across the emirate. The service is accessible through the Abu Dhabi Link app in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Abu Dhabi Link buses run daily from 6am to 11pm. They serve different areas, such as Yas Island, Khalifa City, Saadiyat Island, and Al Shahama, for a fare of AED2 with the Hafilat card.

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