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Emirates Schools Establishment to announce 2023-2024 end-of-year exam results starting Wednesday

Emirates Schools Establishment to announce 2023-2024 end-of-year exam results starting Wednesday
3 July 2024 08:42


The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) will announce the results of the 2023-2024 end-of-year examinations for students from all grades, according to its approved timetable.

The announcement of results begins at 10am on Wednesday for 12th-grade students, followed by 9th-11th grades at 4pm. Results for 5th-8th grade students will be announced on Thursday at 10am, and grades 1st-4th at 4pm. Students can access and print their results from 8pm through midnight, according to their grade level and the approved timetable.

The guidance manual for the student assessment policy for the academic year 2023-2024 states that the 12th grade certificates include results for Group A subjects, with evaluations in both letter grades and percentages. Results for Group B practical subjects are in letter grades and are not included in the student’s final GPA, which comprises the overall and final grade averages for all Group A subjects.

For 12th graders, certificates are issued electronically via QR code, with the electronic school certificate linked to the student’s file through the ESE system. Additionally, the 12th-grade certificate can be obtained on official paper bearing ESE’s logo for international use. Students can request this service through the institution’s website and have it delivered by courier.

The ESE encourages parents to review the available student performance assessment policy on its website to understand the standards and track academic progress accordingly.

Retest dates are set for July 8-12, 2024, the ESE recently announced. Retests target 4th-12th grade students who did not achieve a passing grade in one or more Group A subjects.

The minimum passing grade is set at 50% for students in 4th-8th grade and at 60% for students in 9th-12th grade. A student’s grade in the retake exam will be recorded as a 50% or 60%, respectively, even if a higher score is achieved.

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