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With the opening of its Cape Town office, TRENDS outlines South Africa research tour

With the opening of its Cape Town office, TRENDS outlines South Africa research tour
2 July 2024 11:34


TRENDS Research and Advisory held a preparatory coordination meeting to discuss the final arrangements for the scientific research tour that it will undertake in South Africa from July 15 to 20. The tour will include the official launch of the Cape Town office, a global round table, research dialogues, academic partnerships, and celebrating the Nelson Mandela International Day.

The meeting was attended by senior TRENDS officials, including Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, sector heads and their deputies, department directors, advisors, researchers, and experts. During the meeting, the details of the research tour were finalised, and various aspects of its activities were discussed, including venues and timings, invitees, events agenda, logistical arrangements, and media coverage.
TRENDS will announce the full details of the tour and its activities in a media briefing organised on Monday, July 8, 2024, in the Conference Hall at its Abu Dhabi head office. Its strategic partners, media figures, and social media influencers will attend the meeting.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali expressed his confidence that the Cape Town research tour and TRENDS’ Cape Town-based physical office will be successful. He underlined TRENDS’ commitment to enhancing cooperation between research centres in the Middle East and Africa and supporting them in playing an influential role in developing public policies and overcoming the region’s challenges.

Dr Al-Ali said that TRENDS’ office in South Africa and the global round table would enhance the research centre’s capabilities in strengthening communication and exchanging expertise between think tanks in the two regions. It would also improve the quality of research and its impact on public policies. 

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