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Sharjah Charity International distributes sacrificial meat to more than 165,000 beneficiaries in UAE, abroad

Sharjah Charity International distributes sacrificial meat to more than 165,000 beneficiaries in UAE, abroad
19 June 2024 09:12


Sharjah Charity International (SCI) has completed the distribution of sacrificial meat to more than 165,000 beneficiaries both in the UAE and abroad.

This includes 29,600 beneficiaries registered with the association at its main headquarters and branch offices in the central and eastern regions, and over 135,000 beneficiaries in 43 countries worldwide.

Abdullah Saif bin Hindi, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Eid Al Adha Campaign at the SCI, said that the distribution of sacrificial meat, donated by benefactors who entrusted the association with its distribution, was carried out according to a pre-established plan, ensuring a smooth process.

Bin Hindi said that a total of 2,960 sacrificial animals were distributed within the country, with allocations made at the association’s main headquarters in Samnan as well as its branch offices in the central and eastern regions.

Regarding international distribution, Bin Hindi said that the association’s regional offices, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE embassies, distributed 13,600 sacrificial animals to more than 135,000 beneficiaries in 43 countries out of the 110 countries covered by the association’s projects.

This reflects the extensive efforts made by the SCI, through its projects and external aid management, to reach all the eligible recipients both within and outside the UAE.

Bin Hindi noted that the number of beneficiaries both inside and outside the country has been expanded. Early coordination and preparation by the campaign’s supreme committee contributed to its success, with all sub-committees working together.

The inspection committee ensured that all livestock were healthy and suitable for slaughter. The process was overseen by the committee at central abattoirs.

Meat was then transported in refrigerated vehicles, and distribution teams handed out the meat to recipients in cooperation with the aid management team, which prepared lists of families and their allocations based on the number of family members.

A precise mechanism ensured that beneficiaries were informed as messages detailed distribution time, location, and the appropriate quantity for each family, ensuring a smooth process given the high numbers. To maintain the dignity of the beneficiaries, distribution was conducted directly to vehicles, he said.

Bin Hindi expressed his great happiness for the support from benefactors, reflecting the trust the association enjoys from its donors. He thanked the benefactors for their cooperation and donations, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE embassies, and regional offices for the smooth and successful distribution process that reached 43 countries.

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