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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre launches 'Wamda Fiqhiyyah' educational series

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre launches 'Wamda Fiqhiyyah' educational series
6 June 2024 20:48

Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre has recently unveiled an enriching educational series titled ‘Wamda Fiqhiyyah’ focusing on a variety of religious and jurisprudential topics.

Tailored to be accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds, this series serves as a valuable resource for understanding religious obligations.

Presented by esteemed members of the UAE Fatwa Council, Wamda Fiqhiyyah reinforces the mosque's pivotal role as a place of worship for prayers and religious practices.

Through this initiative, the mosque underscores its commitment to community engagement by providing invaluable insights into jurisprudential matters and other facets of daily religious life, all delivered in a lucid and engaging manner.

Each episode features audience queries presented by cultural tour specialists at the mosque, with responses provided by distinguished members of the UAE Fatwa Council. Covering a wide array of topics, including religious observances, financial transactions, family matters, and societal concerns, the series aims to address the diverse informational needs of its audience.

In addition to Wamda Fiqhiyyah, the Centre hosts a myriad of religious and cultural programs, totalling 11 series to date. These inclusive initiatives cater to individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds, offering content presented in a simple yet innovative manner that has garnered widespread acclaim.

Notably, these programmes resonate deeply with the ethos of Emirati society, reflecting its esteemed values and rich cultural tapestry.

Moreover, the Centre serves as a beacon for fostering cross-cultural dialogue and understanding on a global scale. By highlighting shared humanitarian principles and drawing upon the tolerant and noble values of Islamic culture, the Centre actively promotes mutual respect and appreciation among diverse communities.

Access to the Wamda Fiqhiyyah series and other religious and cultural content is readily available through various social media platforms such as X, Instagram, Meta, YouTube, and local media outlets, with over 250 recorded episodes accessible to the public.

Furthermore, the Centre collaborates with local broadcasting channels to ensure broader dissemination of these series, thereby maximizing outreach and community engagement.

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