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DEWA organises awareness activities in conjunction with World Environment Day

DEWA organises awareness activities in conjunction with World Environment Day
6 June 2024 11:25


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has organised an awareness campaign and several internal and external competitions and activities, in conjunction with World Environment Day 2024, themed “Generation Restoration.”

The activities aimed to encourage all society members to contribute to making a positive environmental impact by utilising solar energy, planting more trees, and reducing plastic waste through reuse and recycling.

DEWA promoted the adoption of responsible and sustainable lifestyles, encouraged the efficient use of electricity and water, and advocated for the implementation of nature-based solutions to safeguard the environment, natural resources, and combat climate change.

The authority conducted awareness sessions in partnership with the Community Development Authority to inform senior citizens at the “Thukher Social Club” about its sustainability efforts, advanced digital technologies, and green practices aimed at preserving natural resources and fostering a green and circular economy. Simple tips were also shared to encourage sustainable practices in daily life.

Furthermore, DEWA, in collaboration with the Emirates Down Syndrome Association, organised interactive activities and workshops stressing the importance of engaging all members of society in sustainable development efforts, benefiting both people and the environment.

The authority also distributed ‘Zayed Ghafah’ seeds to raise awareness about the significance of preserving the local environment and celebrating the rich Emirati environmental heritage. This initiative aims to showcase the local environment's rich wildlife and demonstrate methods to protect it, particularly highlighting the importance of the Ghaf tree, which offers numerous environmental benefits such as carbon absorption to mitigate climate change.

DEWA also launched an awareness competition through its official social media channels to showcase its sustainability projects and encourage public participation in building a more sustainable future. DEWA has encouraged customers to utilise its smart app, which provides access to the “Consumption Data” dashboard, enabling them to monitor their consumption and obtain annual, monthly, and daily consumption reports. The app also offers personalised tips to help enhance consumption efficiency.

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