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Khalifa University of Science and Technology launches ‘Explorer’ scientific journal

Khalifa University of Science and Technology launches ‘Explorer’ scientific journal
6 June 2024 08:06


In collaboration with Springer Nature, Khalifa University of Science and Technology on Wednesday launched its specialised scientific journal named “Explorer” to serve as a window to leading global research and innovation.
The launch took place during a special ceremony held at the university’s main campus in Abu Dhabi, attended by Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President of the university, along with several administrative staff and researchers at the university.

The journal will entertain the most advanced research conducted by the academic staff and researchers at KU, including research results from research groups, private facilities, laboratories, and specialised research centres at the university.

Dr. Al Hammadi stated: “The ‘Explorer’ journal represents a new addition to the university’s extensive portfolio of scientific, technological, and research publications. This collaboration with Springer Nature is part of the university’s efforts to highlight the scientific excellence of the university’s research to the global audience and to recognise the pioneering research being conducted at Khalifa University.”

“This publication also helps shed light on the active and prominent role of the university in continuing its pivotal mission of developing human and intellectual capital in the UAE and the region through scientific research,” he added.
The inaugural issue of the “Explorer” includes articles on space discoveries, regenerative medicine, and the development of artificial bio-kidneys that fully perform all natural kidney functions.

A pioneering study showing the impact of a specific class of drugs in protecting patients with heart failure, the role of genomic analysis focused on diabetic kidney disease in the UAE, the ability of machines to detect early signs of kidney disease and the role of advanced imaging techniques in providing crucial information on the potential benefits of organ structures can also be found in the first issue.

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